Mitre have come a long way with their footballs in recent years

Still traumatised by old’ memories of kicking concrete-solid ‘Multiplexes’ around on weekend mornings,’ we’ve been a’ bit wary when a new Mitre ball comes around.But since the rather excellent ‘Revolve’ ball (which is still hugely popular in the SPL & Football League) we’ve been more welcoming of the British brand.

So, without further adieu, here’s Mitre’s latest offering; the Mitre Tensile!

Mitre Tensile

Mitre claim this to be the most technologically advanced ball ever – and in a marketplace that include the Nike Ascente, and adidas’ Jabulani and Finale X – that’s seriously bold statement!

However, to back it up Mitre say that the Tensile offers up the following features:

•New 10 hand-stitched panels, designed to create excitement on field and on screen.
•The exclusive Mitre 10 panel design has been matched with advanced Clarino micro fibre material and balanced cincap lining system.
•The aerodynamic surface ensures almost equal grip in all weather conditions giving the player increased control.
•The unique panel configuration with reduced seams delivers powerful and accurate straight or curved shot with equal precision.
•The graphic design is completely unique; with each of the 72 Football League clubs and 12 SPL Clubs for the new season each having their own TENSILE matchballs printed in club colours and their club badge.
•30 per cent less stitching than a normal ball. This optimises power and efficiency, improving airflow and reducing drag on the ball. This increases the average speed of a shot.

Nick Crook, Marketing Manager for Mitre, says, “Mitre are committed to ball performance,’  we are very proud of the TENSILE and the innovation and technology used to create the ball underlies what Mitre has been associated with for nearly 200 years.

“The TENSILE is a players ball , uses the very latest technology and we’ve no doubt it will add to the excitement and spectacle of the new season – and hopefully more goals!”.

Sounds like interesting stuff, right?

We definitely like the sounds of some of the techology at use in the Tensile, less stiching seems like a great idea – especially when you consider that both Nike and adidas have been using thermabond-technology to join the panels on their top-flight ball.

The Tensile’ is available for pre-order now, and is expected to retail at’ £74.99 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (No Ratings Yet)


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  1. says: kuuku

    Hmm? Mitre has “less” stitching as a major marketing point. How much stitching does the jabulani have? NONE. The most technologically advanced ball ever? No 3D panels? No grip and groove? How close does it come to the fifa standards for balls?

    Mitre are playing catchup ATM…

    This ball might be the most technologically advanced mitre ball but it certainly isn’t the most technologically advanced ball ever…..

  2. says: tito933

    I dont think this ball has anything on the adidas jabulani and finale x. I think mitre is just showin up to a race which has been led by adidas and Nike for too long and is going to be nearly impossible to catch up with.
    Not to discourage mitre because it seems they put in a lot of effort into this ball but I just think that they don’t have the brand power perhaps to challenge adidas and Nike, companies which are constantly topping themselves.

    Nice try mitre, keep up the effort, but remember that Nike and adidas are light years ahead

  3. says: Jay

    I used to love my old Mitre Delta football. i think they have tried too hard and unfortunatley the ball looks a little cheap. I agree with the other posts that it isn’t at the standard of Nike or Adidas. It has unique technical skills but I would question the “most technologically advanced ball ever”.

  4. says: nadeem

    this looks like a very good ball. Mitre have been making them for so many years and like the way adidas unveiled the teamgeist this is mitre`s teamgeist. Hopefully, well get a mitre jabulani in 4 years from now.

  5. says: zc

    When it comes to balls I think the finale X unfortunately does not have much thinking put towards it – The panel design does not distribute air pressure evenly.
    As for the tensile I think I’ll need see it in real life to know what its like

  6. says: Fifinho

    In the article it says that “…both Nike and adidas have been using thermabond-technology to join the panels on their top-flight ball.” but this is not true. Only adidas does, the top level Nike ball (the Ascente) is still stitched.

    That being said, I think it’s a nice effort by Mitre but unfortunately it’s still not quite up adidas’ standards (who I feel make the best balls) but relatively close to Nike’s

  7. says: bigtrainpete

    It’ll be interesting to see how this new offering from Mitre shows up in the pro ranks. I take this will be the matchball in the Championship and SPL next season?

    I’m quite loyal to Mitre. We have alsways used Pro Max and now Revolve match balls at our amatuer level and they are very reliable.

    I have also used the Jabulani recently and to be honest it is an absolute windcatcher. Watch this ball at the WC in South Africa, you’ll see alot ‘keepers being made to look foolish.

    Nike match balls I’m skeptical of. The original ‘Geo’ matchball was fine (very similar to the Derby Star balls used in Holland)and played true but the recent offerings have been pure hype and style. Again, glorified windcatchers.

    There is still a place in the market for Mitre and, I hope, always will be.

  8. says: Stewartos

    I think it will be very solid.  They had the Ultimax which I can testify is entirely dependable and will respond properly no matter how hard you strike it–I’ve used one for 7 years and it still performs great.  I think this one will be similarly dependable.  I’ve only used a Jubilani once but it kind of gave the feeling like I was playing with a toy.  Maybe I just don’t like change. 

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