Mitre Delta V12S | Football League Match Ball 2014-15

Mitre Delta V12S Football

One of the OG brands when it comes to creating top-tier match-balls, Mitre are upping the game of their standard-setting Delta V12 from last season with the Mitre Delta V12S.

Used by all 72 Football League clubs in addition to the best teams in the country for the duration of the League Cup, last season’s ball was universally lauded by pretty much all who used it.

A combination of modern ball-tech and old-school sensibilities, Mitre are one of the few brands who still bank on a hand-stitched ball for feel and aerodynamics (and many other reasons which we discovered when we spoke to Mitre last year!) as opposed to thermal bonding.

MItre Delta V12S - Official Football League Match Ball 2014-15

The Mitre Delta V12S retains Mitre’s unique 12 panel construction that featured on the V12 model, offering enhanced aerodynamics, optimising the speed and accuracy of a shot. A more visible and recognisable graphic made up of non-organic shapes causes visual surface disruption ensuring maximum visibility from any angle.

The bright colour allows you to see the ball quicker, easier and at faster speeds.

As with the last few generations of Mitre Football League match balls, each of the teams in the Football League will receive their shipment of Delta V12S‘ for the season in their own team colour scheme with this flagship colourway reserved for Mitre-sponsored events and tournaments

 “At Mitre we are obsessive about technical innovation, and committed to improving the quality of play at every level. The Delta V12S is no exception. It has been extensively tested and player feedback has been incredibly positive.” – Will Klug, Brand Marketing Manager

A good match ball for this season’s Football League action? Give us your thoughts on the  Mitre Delta V12S in the comments below!

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