It’s been a while since we’ve had a good blackout boot spot, in fact the last one that we posted up was Goran Pandev in the Champions League Semi-Final.

Lionel Messi training in the new adidas F50 adiZero football boots

But, during Barcelona‘s warm-up tour of Asia, we spotted the diminutive Argentine in an all black pair of football boots – which to us don’t look hugely different to the usual adidas F50 adiZero.

From what we can spot, the football boots in question have:

Stitched upper – which would identify them as the Leather version.

A low profile heel counter – with the same sweeping design as the current adidas F50 adiZero

Large tongue – also seems to be missing the ‘notches’ at either end of usual F50 tongue

Two Lateral forefoot studs – this is different to the usual adiZero, however we know that Messi has a history of unique stud configurations to assist in supporting an old metatarsal injury.

Transparent Studs – We’ve yet to see an adiZero colourway feature transparent studs.

So, there’s not a lot to suggest that Lionel Messi is trialling a brand new version of the adidas F50 adiZero just yet, but it would certainly seem that he’s testing out a new soleplate, be it part of the eventual new F50 or just a custom pair for the Barcelona Star.

Lionel Messi training in the new adidas F50 adiZero football boots

But the real reason we thought it was worth posting, is because we wanted to make sure we hadn’t missed anything!

Is there something we’ve missed on these Blackouts? Or can you guess why Messi would black his boots for training?

If so – let us know!

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  1. says: Frank

    Why is Adidas releasing a new range for AdiZeros?
    Come one, the current ones just came out, why cant they just make newer and better colourways. adidas have ruined football boots, look at the current preds. Yuck!

  2. says: Aaron

    The studs on messi’s are just a clear hardground soleplate version. Not sure why they are clear but the ate for sure hg sole plate.

  3. says: Delmin

    Frank? How can you say Adidas bring out too many boots then advise someone to join Nike? – Fool.

    Watched Chelsea tonight and Benayoun, Anelka and Zhirkov all wore AdiZeros despite having previously worn other speed boots (2 of which were Nike) – so they can’t be that bad

    Malouda was wearing blackout boots tonight as well btw – love the look

  4. says: channo

    of course there’s this gossip spreading around about new adizeros called “primes”

    technically speaking, they didn’t look very different from the original adizeros (single-piece upper, centered lace, etc), so there’s a big chance that those are indeed the primes.

    anyway, after some time of this whole adizero euphoria thingie, i kinda miss the “old” F50s though… you know, crazy futuristic looks, ground-breaking lace cover system, eye-catching transparent section, remove-able studs, and of course those insanely-striking graphics and stripes…

    by the way, did you know that F50 are the first adidas shoe that doesn’t have the three stripes insignia and still looks as good as ever? well i kinda missed them…

  5. says: Patrick

    it’s already been spotted on Rangelov’s feet (Borussia Dortmund striker)…its just an update of the Adizero, slightly different design, more “stripes”. Will be released arund January 2011 in black/yellow….so nothing real “new” or special about the boots.
    So exactly whats showing in the link @ Marry.
    I alread saw new colourways…whiite/orange etc.

    Im just wondering why they throw an “updated” version of the F50 on the market within 12 months…not usual…perhaps any durability issues?

  6. says: Marry

    @yehudi…. nike superflies dont have tongues on them aswell but arshavin was spotted last season waring a pair with tongues
    @Patrick… the new boot was spotted on a nuber of different players feet but where did you hear that its just an update?

  7. says: Hani

    @Marry Arshavins Superflys DIDN’T have a tongue, it was just folded over if you look closely at the picture u can see the square white thing, that’s the size and where its made nd info like that

  8. says: ricardo7

    I’m with channo they F50s were sweet…. especially the F50.7 that one was the bomb, too bad they really hurt when you got stepped on.

  9. says: Fifinho

    @Frank: they start developing a boot years ahead of it’s release date. Just because Messi MAY be wearing a prototype version now, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be coming out next month. Just chill out man 🙂

  10. says: ♣J♣

    hes regarded as the best player in the world at the moment, he can have a football boot made just on his reputation. i dont think its worth making a big fuss at the moment.

  11. says: Ryan Daniel

    It’s the new adipures IIII’s!

    You can see the three stripes lower down the boot!

    He IS contracted to adidas so it isn’t impossible, and players are known to change to different adidas silos.

    Schweinsteiger – F50.8 -> adipure I

    Lampard – Predator Absolute -> adipure

    Kaka – Predator Absolute-> adipure I

    Messi – F50 adiZero -> adipure IIII?

  12. says: kamil

    yesterday i had these boots in my hand…

    the soleplate is or looks 95 % like one of the f50 and the rest of the boot looks like an adipure update…

    maybe on sunday i sent some good quality pictures to footy-boots, so you guys can take a look at them…

    greatings from germany

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