messi better than ronaldo - guardiolaBarcelona manager Pep Guardiola has nailed his colours firmly to the mast ahead of the Champions League final by saying that Lionel Messi is a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Guardiola, who is sweating on the fitness of both Thierry Henry and semi-final hero Andres Iniesta, was quoted as saying:

messi better than ronaldo - guardiola They are two great players but I’ll stick with my player – I think he’s the best.

As for Messi himself, after missing the final against Arsenal, he’s doubly keen to be involved commenting:

messi better than ronaldo - guardiola I wasn’t able to get on the pitch and enjoy the final in Paris but I have the opportunity now and it is something I’m very excited about – it’s the biggest game of my life.

I know that many people who are not Barca fans admire the club for its brand of football.

We deserve the title for the football we have played throughout the year. We deserve this reward.

We know that we are close to making history.

If Barca are to make history, they will do so without Dani Alves, Eric Abidal and Rafael Marquez who are suspended or injured, so the inclusion of both Henry and Iniesta could be crucial. The Frenchman is still suffering from a ligament problem while Iniesta injured his thigh two weeks ago.

Is Guardiola right? Make sure you have your say in this week’s Footy Boots debate: Messi v Ronaldo.

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  1. says: lfc fan

    yes he is right

    messi is better and makes a bigger impact than ronaldo proven when man utd played barcelona last season

    whereby messi shone and ronaldo was in the shadow

  2. says: MAC19

    ^^^ not in the case of Manchester United. Cristiano is the only reason Manchester is still in it. I’m a barcelona fan but Cristiano is the best.

  3. says: Jack

    Messi’s better, Ronaldo is said to be better, but when you look at him play lately you can see he’s not as good as he was. I think its possible he’s on drugs.

  4. says: Tony H

    i think Messi is a lot better than ronaldo as ronaldo always goes missing in the big games whereas messi shines. also ronaldo gets fustrated to easily when things arnt going his way where messi just tries a bit harder, plus ronaldo is a diving cheating girl

  5. says: Rick-Rick

    you guys are stupid!

    there is no doubt messi is good, but like ronaldo said himself, he has the trophies at home that prove just how better he is than any other player in the world. He is just the best so don’t hate!

  6. says: adu

    I reckon ronaldo is better and ‘missing in big games’ hmmm who scored against porto who shone against arsenal in the semis and whether hes having a goo game or bad game he can always pop up with a goal and hes more of a complete player heading and free kicks and good with both feet etc whilst messi relies on dribbling but not much else

    1. says: Kevin

      I think Ronaldo’s Throphy cabinet’s Doing the talk untill now, far more individual prices, topscorer, FIFA world player, etc.

  7. says: MessiFan

    I think that in this match, Messi will play better than Ronaldo.
    I know you think I am saying this just because I’m a Messi fan, but use common sense.
    In last season’s semifinals, Messi had just returned from injury whereas Ronaldo was, I admit, the best player in the world.Yet Messi performed better than him in both legs.
    This season Messi has performed much better and Ronaldo has underperformed.But hey, I love good football, whoever plays it.

    1. says: Kevin

      The reason for ronaldos bad semi final was the fact that he played all games that season, messi is rested often, and he aint resisten enough to be the best, messi were injured in 4 weeks, so he was fully rested!

  8. says: TigreCampeonf50i!

    I think that Messi is having a better season this year than Cristiano Ronaldo.I also believe that a persons character and attitude makes someone a better player, where cristiano is very cocky and short tempered while Messi brings on a more positive attitude. Even though he made excuses about losing 5-1 in the altitude of Bolivia

  9. says: Omerovic

    Messi has heart, Ronaldo has skill.. as of fact, both do. i think ronaldo is just set back, named the best player and at a young age with all the riches, he could care less at tehe moment, he has quite some time to showboat again, and when you think of it, more time than most of the other players

  10. says: dreemr

    …in their own way, both players are equally great. I love to see them play. But thinking past, and seeing Ronaldo showing offs it will seem that he is better than Messi. I agree that Messi is having a better season and it is his turn to get the glory. Like any other business, millions count and also who’s turns it is to gets them (that’s what my mom says). I am just a 12 y/o that love Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Kaka), Christiano Ronaldo, Messi of course!!, Thierry Henry, Victor Valdez, Alexandre Rodrígues da Silva (Pato) the goalie from Mexico that I can’t remember his name, and many many more. I always love a good match; I prefer having a bad sit at a soccer field that watching a good game at home. =0))

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