adidas must be pleased ads punch at the moment; the new adiZero & adiZero Prime look great on the pitch and their key wearer for the ultralight boots, Lionel Messi, has picked up a back-to-back Ballon D’or award, crowning him the greatest player on the planet at the moment.

Understandably, adidas want to shout this fact out as much as possible, so they’ve made a nifty new viral featuring the trials and tribulations of cartoon Messi on his way to the greatest individual honour in World Football!

Messi (who seems to have been wearing the new adiZero his entire life, despite the fact that other players are spied in older F50 football boots…) weaves his way through injuries, manager changes and even a little nod to his ‘Fast vs Fast’ World Cup ad to become best of the 265 million football players on earth.

As well as the obstacles on and around the pitch, Messi also overcomes the heady distractions off it – including ladies and having “A big company believe in you, sponsor you and not make you into a fashion Supermodel”, seems like a not-so subtle dig at the way some companies promote their players if you ask us…

And just to top it off, in the World Cup-style section of the ad another Character ranked at ‘Number 3’ by the video’s counter shows up to try and stop cartoon Messi from scoring – wearing a Red Shirt, Green shorts, big earrings and Purple football boots – it doesn’t take a wild leap to guess this may be a reference a certain Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro!

It’s definitely a fun, light-hearted little video and some well-meaning banter between Nike and adidas is definitely something that we fans can get behind!

However, it was kind of funny to see Messi beat Ronaldo and score in a World Cup-style setting. Something the Portuguese winger did that the Argentine famously didn’t…

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  1. says: lorien Gordon

    haha i rate ronaldo better anyways….ballon d’or is fixed…sneijder shoulda won…won a treble…helped knock barca out of the CL and got to WC final!!! which he was minutes away from winning!! Even iniesta contributed to barcas league win, and WON THE WC (Scoring the winner) yet didnt win…messi was awful at the WC!!

  2. says: Splinter09

    As much as I hate having to admit an Argie is the best player in the world this new Adidas Ad is freaking cool and funny.

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