After bringing you a little teaser earlier in the week, we’re thrilled to be able to bring you the full viral video for the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII in full!

As many of you on our Facebook page and in the comments had correctly guessed – Tennis Superstar Rafael Nadal was to face of against the Mercurial Posterboy Cristiano Ronaldo in his latest match.

But this is no ordinary game of racquet and ball, as CR7 laces up his Vapor VIII‘s to start a rally going with the Wimbeldon champ.

Nadal starts with one or two soft serves, but soon realises the explosive speed of Ronaldo and the new Nike Mercurial‘s are a force to be reckoned with, and soon things start to get really fast!

The props have to got to the Nike ad team, as they push the boundaries of what’s believable and what’s not in this latest great ad. Much like the Ronaldinho Crossbar video for the R10 Tiempo back in the day, we suspect people will be picking apart which parts of this video are real and which are CGI for months to come!

Whilst the lightning pace and slick slow-mo cameras are a sight to behold, we love the overall tone of the ad – especially at the end when Rafa nicks Ronaldo’s Mercurial Vapor VIIIs! A drastic shift in tone from the super-serious ads for the Superfly range (like Zlatan’s transforming pitch).

What do you think of the ad?

Let us know in the comments!


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  1. says: Samakafuzzy

    Nadal’s neck catch was serious CGI, but the scissors volley looked real enough, as he didn’t get far off the floor!

    Better from Nike, they have simplified the boots, the ads, and hopefully it will bring them back up to speed with the rest of the market

  2. says: cursedflame 2

    Nadal is a quality player at Tennis and football when he was younger he did play football and had the option to go Pro at both sports but he would be world class he took up football.

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