Hot on the heels of Nike’s Superfly III launch yesterday comes the new Mercurial Vapor VII football boots from Nike!

Nike Mercurial Vapor VII football boots in Purple/Neon

Whilst the Mercurial Vapor series has slipped down the pecking order since the launch of the original Superfly back in 2009, there’s no doubt that the original ‘speed’ football boots remain a popular choice for footballers the world over.

Looking on the feel of players in the top divisions like the Premiership, La Liga, Serie A and so on, you’re more than likely going to see the professionals wearing the £275 Superfly models – but on any pitch in the amateur leagues, it’s clear that the Mercurial Vapor is the more the people’s boot.

Nike Mercurial Vapor VII football boots in Purple/Neon - designed based on feedback from top professionals such as Cristiano Ronaldo

In acknowledgement of this fact, Nike have slashed the starting RRP of the Mercurial Vapor VII to £149.99, bringing them more in line with competitors football boots like the ‘standard’ adiZero and the Puma v1.10.

From a cosmetic point of view, the Mercurial Vapor VII brings a few minor tweaks to the table. The most notable being, of course, the removal of the lace cover that has been a part of the Mercurial Vapor range since the Vapor IV.

Nike Mercurial Vapor VII football boots - designed based on feedback of top professionals like Ronaldo, Drogba and Ibrahimovic

Also, the toe of the Mercurial Vapor VII has been lowered slightly, to allow players to get under the ball more easily, and improve ball contact – giving an overall more streamlined appearance.

Weighing in at 230g per boot, the Mercurial Vapor VII isn’t really challenging the adiZero of v1.10SL in this incarnation, but that’s still a very light football boot – thanks in no small part to a construction that will be similar to many Mercurial Vapor football boots fans.

Nike Mercurial Vapor VII football boots in Purple/Neon - designed based on feedback from top professionals such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Franck Ribery and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The upper is once again constructed of a lightweight Teijin microfibre, providing comfort, flexibility and an excellent touch on the ball for a synthetic cleat, though we’re yet to see if the slight changes in shape will make the Mercurial Vapor VII a more pleasant boot to break in than the VI’s were.

As for the soleplate, the new Mercurial Vapor VII once again employs a glass fibre chassis, that offers a lightweight, durable footbed for these football boots to be built around, whilst offering excellent energy return when sprinting and shooting.

Nike Mercurial Vapor VII football boots - designed based on feedback of top professionals like Ronaldo, Drogba and Ibrahimovic

The final change in comparison to the Vapor VI is the Mercurial Vapor VII‘s high-visibility heel graphics. Designed around the concept of the ‘flicker’ effect that boots give when coloured in highly-contrasting graphics, the Vapor VII’s are designed to be the most visible yet.

Available in two colourways from the off – Marine Blue/Orange and Purple/Neon, the lighting-inspired heel flashes will make it easier for team-mates to judge the Vapor-wearing pals’ runs, strides and speed before they pick them out with a killer pass (also, we still don’t know what happens when everyone on a team wears the same boots, we can only presume that the universe will implode, but this still a working theory).

Football boots - Nike's Mercurial Vapor VII

Available from the 1st of April 2011 priced at £149.99 – tell us, will you be making the Mercurial Vapor VII your next pair of football boots?

Let us know in the comments!

NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR VII, 8.5 out of 10 based on 131 ratings

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  1. says: Johnny

    Sounds interesting, can’t wait and see what they look like by the way someone that owns a store said that the mercurial vapor VII is going to be cheaper and it won’t have a lace cover. Could be speculation though. I was told that the superfly III will be scheduled for release on March 30th by a Nike representative.

  2. says: John

    I’m excited about the new boots we’re all looking for but, i just hate 1 thing about nike. ” Nike comes out with these really expensive Superfly’s and Vapors and all they can come up with is a boot that weighs 7.8- 8 ounces when at the same time Addidas comes out with a boot worn by Villa and Messi that only costs $200 bucks that weighs 5.2 ounces!!!!! ” What do you think guys?

  3. says: Darren

    This post was updated recently, right? I think when I viewed this in February there weren’t photos of the boot itself.

    1. says: kyle

      Good spot Patrick, we’re looking into it now but we think that it will ship without the cover – however maybe this hints that players will be able to choose to have the over on the NikeiD service?

  4. says: Splinter09

    I have to agree with most of the comments it sure looks like Nike only created a new colourway for its Vapour series and labeled it Mercurial Vapor VII.

  5. says: NP9

    So correct me if i’m wrong but now the Vapor VII has the same last as the Superflys… (?)
    At least that’s what it seems to be looking at the pictures.
    If that is true i’ll be more than tempted to get them since i’m one of those who just can’t stand those Sense studs, so it would be giving up to carbon fiber and the Flywire (two things that i really get on with) in order no to have those horrible studs.
    PLEASE NIKE PLEASE take those sh*t studs away.

  6. says: channo

    now at least this one are more deserved to be could called a “sequel” to its predecessor.

    so there’s the change of design in the toe box area; allowing players to get under the ball more effectively -which is a nice upgrade. and pretty visible too, u can see how the proportion of the boots changed a little.

    there’s the removal of our beloved lace cover. although seems cosmetic, but some players (including me) take this whole lace cover issue really serious.
    *) there’s this one time when i search around the globe for the mercurial steam, totally ignoring the mercurial veloci -so just i could have a lace covered boots for my 5-a-side games.

    if i’m not mistaken, there’s a price reduction also? which is a really nice improvement for us mortals. probably the best feature that u could hope from a football boots.

    and lastly, of course… there’s that notorious visibility graphics bullcrap.
    by the way, somebody tell this to nike (and make sure you credit me -cuz probably they WILL do it) how about making a glow in the dark boots (they already made this) but this time, with hologram upper, one of those neon battery-operated shoelaces, and blinking lights on the heel counter -like those LA gear kicks! damn, that would surely attract my teammates! and while they’re doing it, why don’t as well put a miniature of that famous las vegas neon cowboy guy saying “right here! right here!”. wicked….

    overall, i guess this one pretty much deserved the number “VII” behind its name -unlike some other boots that just crowned with “III” without doing anything.

  7. says: farid

    nice, im glad they’ve brought down the price abit but still thats quite alot ÂŁ150! but i guess they’ll be in sales..

  8. says: Adipurity

    Honestly I have owned every vapor since II, and I can say sadly that I am finally done. This boot is very similar to the VI in so many ways and remembering how bad the VIs were in comparison to the other models, I think from now on I will use CTR360, as that is the boot Nike seems to have put the effort into. I am sick of half-assed vapors which one dominated the pitch as the best boot around. That crappy heel design is a disgrace to the Mercurial line and to be honest, I loved the lace cover. It is a sad day for Nike. But I have to admit to stacked up against Adidas, the only better boot is their all leather Copas. Unlike most people I done care about 2 ounces of weight as quite honestly I am the fastest player on the pitch 95% of the time. Long story short I think Nike peeked at Vapor III and started to slowly decline at IV, then went into free fall at VI

  9. says: Jose Luis

    Âż”New” Vapor VII? For me they just have a new coloway and remain exactly the same as previous styles.
    I will remain loyal to my adidas…..

  10. says: zc

    It looks a lot more comfy then previous boots, but other than that, they seem to lack anything special.
    i.e lightweight, good kicking area.

  11. says: E@zy

    I hear that Nike listens to its players. I think they mean Nike listens to their players like the way I listen to my girlfriend.

    Nod and smile and do my own thing.

  12. says: fastest kid alive

    your a clown if you diss mercurial vapors. They dont have to be the best boot around, but they are up there to compete with any other cleat. they are sick and more durable than any other cleat i’ve had

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