Nike Mercurial Vapor VI

Vapor VI

After 5 days of sheer confusion, with every website on the planet telling a different story, we received further communique from the US brand this afternoon stating the facts over their new release. Here’s some of what they had to say:

Quote It is clear there was some confusion on the exact specifications of the new Mercurial Vapor VI due to the conflicting images in the marketplace. One thing is certain; like all Vapors before it, this new boot was designed and engineered with some of the fastest players in the world and continues to push the boundaries of innovation, whilst remaining incredibly light and responsive. These are definitely among Nike’s most advanced products to date and are built to assist explosive acceleration.

It seems that different prototype samples were shot; one with Adaptive Traction and the other with a Flywire upper.

Bottom Line: No Flywire, No NikeSense Stud. I bet some of you wish Nike had stuck with the last two prototypes, don’t you?!


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  1. says: ben

    who cares?!?! Nike is the most overrated company ever. i hate how much attention there is over this stupid plastic shoe. anyone that wears is just cocky rich, that thinks they’re cool.

  2. says: James

    then how can they possibly justify the price?? as far as I can see, apart from the sole it’s a step backwards from the mv5

  3. says: hunter

    i think its an ok cleat i love the vapor series, and i belive i will love this on, but i think ill wait for it to go on sale. i love what nike does with the vapor series great colors amazing comfort( for my foot)
    and some of the best traction you will ever get.
    and looking at these i expect great things. I believe nike will have improved the traction( even though there is little to improve) and i like the new sole plate.
    to people who say its not good. dont judge a book by its cover ill give u this not the most traditionaly color ways but get over it in the world of getting noticed companys will say bs like the filcker technology. but its really about getting noticed. but if the boot doesnt work for you as in perfromance not apperance thats fine it works for people so get a boot thats for your foot and quit judging something u havent worn

  4. says: mark jenkins

    i bought the vapor 4 with the sl bottoms for £189 and just bought these for £180 and thinking about it they are the same boot as they have taken off the flywire and the vapor 4 had carbon fibre bottoms so doesnt seem right that they are charging only 9 pounds less to get a less quality sole as carbon fibre is supposed to be the best

  5. says: Splinter09

    You got to give it to Nike these football boots look extremely cool and make me want to wear them (and I’m not a big fan of plastic football boots). I bought a pair of mercurial vapor 4’s a while ago and no matter what I do I can’t break into them, every time I “try” to play with them its blisters and more blisters, so from my experience with the 4’s I will never ever buy a pair Mercurial series football boots again, no matter what revolutionary technology Nike adds to them.

  6. says: Perry Groves

    Nike are making a huge mistake here with the price. If Nike continue with their price increase on the Vapor and Superfly year on year soon we could be looking at a £500-600 football boot. Where does it stop exactly!?

    However their clever marketing of the boot might actually make them money again this time around.

  7. says: Mati

    for real ppl, buyer leather boots and forget about all this plastic they’re putting in the shoes for an exra 50 pound/dollar/yen! nike legends, adidas adipures, puma kings or mizuno morelias, you’ll never go wrong. just introduced my mercurial-wearing friend to legends, he scored from the 1/2 way line!

  8. says: lew

    @mati be sensible, im pretty sure the leather on the legends didnt make him score from the half way line, maybe that was him yea? god
    the boot doesnt make the player, the player makes the boot
    and to the rest of you
    i personally like these boots, but if you dont like them, why start goin ‘aww worst ever’
    think about it, do you really think nike care what you personally think of their boot? alot more people like these than just you personally not liking them, so get over it, and go buy the booots you like, instead of wasting time saying that you dont like these yea?

  9. says: markymark

    everyone talking rubbish on the vapor range is just as stupid as they think vapor wearers are


    vapors wont make you fast. they might aid you if you’re already fast.

    personally, i wear vapors, and i like both my iv and v. but these new vi’s, nah, they’re just the vapor 4 really.

    would get a pair when the prices drops alot, but for the current price its not worth, in my opinon.

    but just because you dont like the boots, or because you wear leather boots, doesnt make them the only choice out there.

    I would bet that all these ‘no nonsense’ types in their world cups couldnt catch me in my vapors. but then id also bet they wouldnt catch me if i was wearing a pair of dr martens. see what im saying?

  10. says: shiv

    I’m just going to get a cheap version anyway, dnt play pro footy-just kick abouts and a few serious matches here and there-and the app for speed, accuracy and control is alreadu in itunes, so i got my training.

  11. says: zc

    I can’t believe their is NO FLYWIRE OR NIKESENSE STUD!!!!!
    Each vapor has added something but this is the first time they haven’t. (the glassfibre sole doesn’t count as it is cancelled out by the removal of the flywire.)
    The price is ridiculous – what’s the price rise for. This will just give all the other brands an excuse to put their prices up.

  12. says: matt

    What makes them more expensive? The fact that they’re new or that they’re better. I hate how the Vapors go from top of the line speed boot to this crap but yet Nike still raise the price. I saw a sick pink colorway for these I was getting really excited. At first I was wondering if they were gonna have the carbon fiber sole plate and then when the tiempo, lasers, and ctr’s all got carbon fiber I was fairly certain these would have carbon. But now that the boots made for control are lighter than the so-called boots made for speed. The death of the Nike Vapor ;(

  13. says: Brian

    I think the shoe is great – yes the price might be a little steep but the real question I have is why does mercurial vapor superfly line come in such strange colour combos? Just seems a little strange to me. I dont know many people who would wear cleats that flashy – then again they arent necessarily Ronaldo.

  14. says: Jase

    I got the new adipures a couple of weeks ago, great Boots but the front tends to like tear off (KINDA). So does anybody think that these new vapors will come out in leather. Cuz tbh i jusst think leather boots are better as you feel the ball better. any one help ?

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