After dragging their heels a bit with getting the T90 Laser III onto their NikeiD service, Nike have got the Vapor VI up for you to customise in (almost) any way you choose right now!

Customisable Nike Vapor 6

Interestingly, this is the first time we can remember when Nike have included the ‘daddy’ of the Vapor line of football boots in their Nike iD service.

Previously, the only incarnations of the Mercurial included were the Talaria, marking this as a pretty big move for Nike. Given the Vapor’s popularity, it was surely only a matter of time before we same the Mercurial Vapor VI on the iD service.

Notable features of the Vapor VI on Nike iD are that firstly, for the time being at least, we’re limited to only 3 base colours: Lyon Blue, Dark Obsidian and Metallic Platinum.

Customisable Nike Vapor 6

Another unique feature of this service is to choose the type of Sockliner that you’d like for your Vapor VI‘s. There’s the choice of Cushioned; extra padding and reduced stud pressure, or Responsive; which is slightly firmer for increased reaction times.

Interestingly, Nike also offer the option to choose if your Vapor VI comes with a Lace cover (sorry, Nike – it’s not a ‘Lace Shroud’!), so if you’re one of these people who cuts the lace cover off their lovely new football boots, Nike will now save you that trouble!

Before you ask – Nike will not allow you to put NikeSENSE studs or Flywire into your football boots!

Price: £275

Start creating your personalised Vapor VI here, and if you create a masterpiece, send the picture in to [email protected] We might publish the best designs next week. 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (No Ratings Yet)



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  1. says: shiv

    I’ve made all I have to do is make £220 lol =P
    The price is steep, but I guess it’s your own boot.

  2. says: Liverpool Fan

    i wasn’t to impressed with the boot, and well, i still think its terrible, but after i customized my own ones, i thought to myself “God they are a good looking set of boots”

    I still think they should have made a NEW design

  3. says: Kaka3622

    It’s about time they put the vapor up on NikeID, I just wish they had it for the vapor 4 and 5, not a fan of the vapor 6 but you gotta love anything you can customize haha.

  4. says: toastyy

    i made a nice pair , Lyon blue base and Neptune blue secondary.
    These are basically the new talaria bcus its still a down grade without the flywire and snese studs :/

  5. says: channo

    so far, this is the ugliest vapor for me.

    first, the swoosh logo doesn’t go well with the lace cover’s shape.
    then the lace cover is too small, it gave this vapor a bulky, dwarfy (pardon the LOTR vocabulary) look -unlike the wide lace cover on vapor IV and V which gave them a slick, speedy presence. this one almost looked like the mercurial steam.

    i just have to mention about the instep graphic, it looked very cheap; reminds me of fake Chinese football boots. modern football bots aren’t quite ready yet for art graphics; art graphics are for casual shoes (you know, choice of skaters, b-boys and graffiti boys alike).

    does T90 has graphic? no. does adipure, tiempo, speciali has graphic? no. puma are lucky cuz their logo is a cat so it already act as an art graphic. the only shoes that has graphics and actually didn’t looked that bad are David Beckham’s white predator X with its red tribal graphic.
    football boots uses colors to distinguish different parts of the boots and highlight the technologies applied on them. but you just don’t draw on football boots to make it looked better.

  6. says: Jay

    im glad that the flywire isn’t included!! i loved the vapor 4 so i think that will be as close as i can get to that. i’m happy to pay £220 for them, if you order in store from Nike Town London, they measure your feet and your boots are hand made to suit your foot perfectly. I think that is good value if you think about it. Also, the Sense stud, i’ve lived without them so i’m sure i won’t miss them.

  7. says: John

    The Vapor 2’s were on Nike ID in limited color combos in 2004-05. I don’t think they sold well because Nike pulled their top level boots from ID until this year after that (barring the Legend).

  8. says: NPD9

    toastyy- that depends on which type of ground you usually play on, is it a firm dry ground? then go for FG, but if it is a soft muddy ground, then go for SG’s.

    I think that it’s great that the Vapors are now available for customization, however, i will stay with my Superfly’s I , because i think that Superfly’s II and Vapors VI are a downgrade from Superfly I and Vapor V. My opinion.

  9. says: Hugh

    the lace cover looks useless on these, i wud rather get a pair of superfly 1’s as im not sure the sense stud will be a good thing to be honest, it is also a big round blob on the soleplate and may put to much pressure on my foot but we will see

  10. says: angel villalobos

    hey esas gomas nike mercurial fueron creadas por mi en nikeID y yo lo que quiero es un botin del safari y del red power

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