Mercurial Vapor VI: Following hot on the heels of the Superfly II release, feast your eyes upon the new Mercurial Vapor VI…..

Nike’s Mercurial Vapor VI football boot.

The Vapor VI maintains the popular lace cover from the Vapor IV & Vapor V, this is sure to be another popular entry into the Vapor football boot series.

All the rabid speculation over when would and would not be included from the Superfly II can now come to an end.

Nike continue relying on the strength of their synthetic Teijin Leather for the Upper of this speed football boot;

The hollowed out studs are an absolutely standout feature of the Mercurial Vapor VI – decreasing weight but maintaining structural integrity. We’re also glad to see the friction-boosting off-the-toe acceleration area carry over from the Superfly II.

Interestingly, you can see that the lace cover stops part way up the laces – even more so than the Vapor V – our best guess for the reasoning behind this is to allow a tighter fit across the ‘collar’ and also so that bunched-up laces don’t end up behind the cover, which would ruin the smooth kicking area.

Vapor 6

The most revealing picture of the new Mercurial Vapor VI is this one – glass fibre (instead of carbon fibre) and No NikeSENSE studs

Who can we expect to bypass the Superfly II for the Mercurial Vapor VI? Manchester United Winger Nani is one of many top-flight stars who prefer the lacecover of the Vapor!

Nani of Manchester United, sporting the Mercurial Vapor VI.

Mercurial Vapor VI Tech Spec:

Vapor Traction

The re-designed Vapor Traction pattern lets you dig in and change direction in a split second.

Fits Like A Glove

The single layer Teijin microfiber upper conforms to your foot’s shape providing solid support and natural comfort.

Ultra Light Ride

The glass composite tuned chassis provides a lightweight platform, allowing players to stay closer to the ground and traction elements.

Toe-off Traction

Inspired by racing spikes, the forefoot grip zone adds extra toe-off power for those first critical steps.


A unique colour scheme, beyond violet or faster than fast.

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  1. says: MisterBroom12

    The lace cover to me was cut down to allow for the boot to be put on easier, the IV’s and V’s were a bit hard to get on because the lace cover did not give too much when you initially tried to slip your foot in. Also, I believe it wasn’t completely removed solely to give buyers another differing option between the VI and the Superfly II. Some people prefer a lace cover, and if the VI has at and the Superfly II does not, it leads buyers to and from each boot depending on their preference, and maybe not so much price.

  2. says: kaka3622

    agreed with preds7, def the worst vapor yet. i dont understand why there is no flywire. and why is there glass fiber but no carbon? im lost, ill just have to stick with my vapor v’s

  3. says: kaka3622

    its a reincarnation of the vapor 4 cept with different studs. disappointing compared to the superflyII and obviously there would be less technology but not the little amount thats in this vapor

  4. says: kaka3622

    its the reincarnation of the vapor 4 cept different studs. I thought there would be more technology in this boot, its disappointing really.

  5. says: ben

    the sad thing is there are thousands of retards that wear these plastic pieces of crap….im sick of nike ripping people off with their amazing “speed” shoe.

  6. says: Tito933

    Is it just me or do these things look really bulky? I still stick that the vapor III were the most low profil and soft ones. I think Nike is just putting togther some material and calling it the vapor VI because they spend so much time “perfecting” the superflys. I’m not too pleased with this, so called vapor, and I think Nike really has to go back and look at what their vapor 1,2,3 and 4 did for players and fans alike and think that they were a hit because of the QUALITY and time put into making them the best shoes. Nike, I’m sorry but I think everyone really expected a lot more from the new vapors. I guess it justthat time to go ok eBay and hunt down a pair of oldies…unlucky huh

  7. says: Rich

    To be honest, i absolutely hate this colour way but i quite like the new Dark Obsidian/White/Cool Mint colourway, but for £180 i don’t think i’ll be buying these anytime soon.

  8. says: hunter

    hey just cuse the boot isnt exactly attractive, doesnt make it bad.
    i personally hate this color way but i read on another article taht all these colors lok betteer on the superfly. i belive this is completly true.
    but as for what i expect from the boot, i think it will be great.
    the studs are good and i like the glass stuff
    great job nike hope the price goes down though

  9. says: Joe

    ok im confused. ive seen pictures of the vapor 6 with the one adaptive stud and pictures of them without the stud. is it going to have the stud or not?

  10. says: Busby

    They should just release Vapor III and IV over and over in different colorways. They have just gone backwards since those two. Those boots had speed but offered pretty good protection and very good power, they were all round boots.

  11. says: james

    ben i totally agree with you. whoever decided to make shoes from plastic material was dumb. leather shoes are the only way to go. these look like a piece of crap. the studs are gonna break right away. and glass fiber?! what was nike thinking

  12. says: ben

    JAMES:i also dont see the point of the superflys, it seems like all that flywire would make the boot too stiff. and i used to wear only nike cleats including vapor 2 and 3 and total laser 2. all three were outstanding, but i hate all the bright, ugly colors. i now wear the adipure 2 on firmground and f50.9 for softground. both are amazing boots. the adipures feel like slippers and the f50s feel great despite being synthetic. nike needs to get their act together…

  13. says: fido

    glass fibers actually has good mechanical property.. its not stiff and can be made to flex even more than carbon fiber..its cheaper too =) though i think the sole wont last as long if water and moisture gets through.

    disappointed that this one has no fly wire at all though. think a nike speed boot isnt a nike speed boot without that.

  14. says: Liverpool Fan

    Good work nike **cough cough wink wink** ummmm very original design. ooooh and i *AHEM* love the vinal on the inside of the boot.

    @ben, you are an absolute genious. i recently converted from a pair of predator powerswerves and went for f50i’s and the are good looking, light, and comfy, but they offer no protection whatsoever.

    Maybe i’ll just go and buy adipure 3’s which are THE BEST BOOTS ON THE PLANET BABY

  15. says: gichiano

    hey there im intrested in buying these. are they for sale? if so how much? wat size do you have? im after a us9 do you send them to new zealand? if you could please email as soon as possible i would love to get these quick

  16. says: chris

    Plain and simply crap!!!, what the f**** is the studs all about I quite like th glass stuff but if we’re all honest they are overpriced giimicked pieces of crap

  17. says: channo

    @Tito933: no u’re not the only one, mate… i also think that those thing looked really bulky.

    @everyone who was arguing about the number of the adaptive studs on the soleplate: could it be that u’re referring to the cheaper version of the vapors? (the talaria, veloci, steam, etc) I think they WILL reduce the number of adaptive studs on those versions.

    as for myself… i do love the mercurial line as the most high profile boots being weared by the most high profile players on the pitch; good for football boots publication. but i was never a mercurial man. they could be so ridiculous at times (like this time)

    it’s obvious that nike gotta tone down the vapor VI so it didn’t surpass their almighty superfly II. that’ll explain why there’s no flywire or maximum adaptive studs.
    oh and vapors gotta be cheaper too. (hint the article: “has nike devalued the mercurial vapor 6” on footy boots)

  18. says: Jonny

    Wow.. i really hope they come out with a new color scheme. This boot looks horrible. I am very disappointed in Nike. I am a huge fan of them and thats all i wear. But this looks absolutely horrible. They don’t look like an other mercurial and i hate where the swoosh is. It looked better on the Vapor IV. Oh well, hopefully they’ll notice that they made a horrible boot and will soon fix it.

  19. says: Hugh

    they dont hav flywire cos flywire is a gimmick, they are sellin them really expensive so they can squeeze out lots of money befoe the adizeros come out.
    the adizeros are lighter so nike, i am guessing, will reduce the price when the adizeros come out cos superflies and vapors will no longer be the lightest boots

  20. says: marcello

    honestly i know no one agrees with this but i really like the color, even more than the black/mint version. i’m glad to see them get rid of the flywire because i wasn’t to pleased with it on the instep of my vapor v’s. i think they’ve made a really pretty good boot, though i can’t say i’m a bit fan of the nikeSENSE stud. although i havent tried it i would think their regular studs help a lot more and really give the feeling that the boot is locked into the ground when you plant your foot.

    everyone seems to want the vapor iv’s (or iii’s) back, and i agree they were a great boot, but this seems pretty darn similar to it to me, i would think it would perform about the same.

  21. says: jama.010

    i have been wearing vapours from when i can remember and i have to say these new ones are way to expensive and just not vapours. It seem since henry has left nike they have lost there way. They are just a rich man f50 these days. Bring back the r9’s

  22. says: jama.010

    the vapour iii are the best nike boots ever but i carnt seem to find any to buy. Help. And these new vapours are just a rich mans f50. Lets get henry back in the design driving seat when he left nike thats when it all went wrong

  23. says: ben

    @ Liverpool Fan, how are the powerswerves? ive been meaning to buy a pair b4 there hard to get….but ive already got the f50s and the adipures. would you think it would be worth it? ive tried them on in stores and they feel amazing but they were sold out of my size the week they had a big sale :/

  24. says: Jose Luis

    Who is the designer? I think the person who made this shoe has never played football. Absolutely horrible.
    I loved the new Patick Gold Cup and new Predator X but will never spend a fortune in a pair like the new Vapors

  25. says: Perry Groves

    Hang on, confused a bit here? Some websites and pics show Flywire, some dont, some pics show SENSE studs, some dont.

    Kyle can we clariy exactly what the specification is regarding these two techologies?

    Flywire would explain the ridiculous price lol!

  26. says: Kyle

    Hi Perry – always a pleasure!

    These are the only official pictures from Nike and we have confirmed with a representative that they have a Flywire upper and no NikeSense stud.

    Many sites, were accidentally posting images of the Sense stud soleplate with/without the Flywire upper and we’re honoured to be able to confirm the official specs.

    And indeed it does explain the jump in cost – but it makes it only £45 less than the original Superfly now! (which will doubtless come down in price by about £50 now the Superfly II is out!)

  27. says: Perry Groves

    Cheers Kyle I always knew I could rely on Footy Boots for the official line, I always come here first for that reason 🙂

    Makes you wonder how so many sites posted the wrong specs/images, maybe Nike released the wrong information or something.

    I quite like the look of the cut down Astoturf version of these renamed the Glide (from Steam)so may get them for 5-a-side.

  28. says: Ash21

    Pics on other websites show they have no flywire in them i dont want to get them find out there anit no flywire? and is the flywire in the studded version as well?

  29. says: adam

    this is an embarassing attempt by nike. From what i can see there are close to no technical advantages to these over the vapor v’s, and they’ve slapped a £180 price tag on.
    I’m more annoyed at the superfly II’s. These are 210g, compared to the original superfly at 185g. Nike’s vapor line continues to get both worse and more expensive with every boot. They worked out that vapor 3’s were light and good, so started going backwards just to charge the customers more. They barely even change the design/appearence year after year. I’ve owned every pair of vapors since the original ones, and i will not be buying a pair of these. I’ll be moving over to f50’s where they at least attempt to make their latest boots an improvement on the previous version. rant over.

  30. says: Perry Groves

    @adam Not sure I agree Nike have gone backwards. Its not all about the weight, the Superfly has added more flywire to make it stronger in certain areas and the SENSE stud technology which may help with acceleration. Appearence wise they dont really need to change something that isnt broke. The colourway design is supposed to help with on field recognition (debateable but still).

    I think wearers of the new AdiZero are going to prove once and for all that it doesnt matter how light the boot is its not going to turn you into Usain Bolt overnight. Honestly stick C.Ronaldo in a pair of Superfly 1s and make him sprint 100 metres and then stick him in a pair of Superfly 2 and make him do the same 100 metres, the slight difference in weight is not going to make a blind bit of difference to the time it takes for him to sprint 100 metres. If it does, I will happily buy a pair of Superfly 2’s dismantle them and eat them for lunch.

  31. says: fido

    @ Perry Groves

    LoL that is gonna be one expensive lunch.. though i agree with you.. its not just about weight but also strength and durability. though i still think these speed boots are not meant to last either way considering the price you need to pay.

    perhaps some ppl are just really disturbed by the prices Nike is asking for. who wouldnt eh? but hey, hopefully this will push the prices for the older generation vapours down and since those are already good to begin with, why not?

  32. says: Chris S

    @Matthew just checked out what you are saying by checking the Nike website. Footy Boots have got it right, the links you have are way wrong dude!

  33. says: Jeyou

    At £180 this boot is now way beyond me. I’m so annoyed, I managed to get the Vapor 5 for my birthday last year, but getting £180 for a present is well to much

  34. says: yoho

    I’m so happy , Nike are bringing out a proper vapor( not steams) in juniour sizes so they will fit me finally a boot that is top of the market and in juniour sizes. Will footy-boots be stocking the new vapors in juniour sizes?

  35. says: all whites

    hahaha every one look at pro direct soccer these vapours are the same but the obsedian ones got the No NikeSENSE stud on the front..personally im sticking to my vapour 4s SL

  36. says: Trampmastafunk

    280 American for some flywire and Fiberglass? No thanks. I’ll stick with my predators. Nike just pushed me farther towards buying the F50i.

  37. says: Aussie Lad

    I think the thing that gets to me the most is that the 3rd best vapor in this new incarnation are still selling for 90 pounds! It’s outrageous.

    Nike obviously know what they are doing, they are a big company with a lot of success and they know people will still throw money at them.

    With that being said I must say that it is just poor form, the way that they are churning in money now seems to be ridiculous.

    Everyone is talking about the AdiZero’s and good on them, they are making a cheaper top class speed boot. Don’t worry about the weight, let’s just remember that adidas are coming out with a top line boot, their best ever, and it is still miles cheaper then the top 2 incarnations of the newest vapor.

    Add to that the decrease in weight and you have to agree that although adidas don’t use the spiffy explanations about how they did this and that with a boot, they seem to have brought out (Predator X) and will bring out (AdiZero) the two best boots on the market in their respective fields.

  38. says: Matthew

    Well just checked with as well here (

    Now, if you look at their pictures of the Vapor VI you will see that only the first picture has Firewire all the other 5 pictures of the upper do not have firewire and they also show the shoe as having one of the new NikeSENSE studs in those pictures as well. So even their own website doesn’t have it’s info right…that is pretty sad, especially with as much as they are charging for these boots and all the money they have put into advertising these shoes.

    Their pictures don’t match the description entirely which raises the questions; do they or do they not have Flywire? and do they or do they not have the NikeSENSE studs? If this was on an ebay sellers page they would be flagged for fraud and nobody would buy the product b/c the pictures and description don’t match which is bad for a multimillion dollar corporation.

  39. says: Corey

    This picture is obviously a FAKE!
    I have trailed the web now, and no other than this site says that the Vapor VI has Flywire technology included in the boot.
    Fake! Fake! Fake!

  40. says: channo

    hahaha, that Corey is great. a true sign of google generation; they looked everywhere in the world -except on the main source.

  41. says: kuuku

    Matthew is right. Even on the nike website they have conflicting pictures in the same gallery of the shoe. Actually, when you do a 360 of the shoe, some viewpoints have flywire and no nike sense studs and others have no flywire and one nike-sense stud!

    Maybe the boots are magic? A nike sense stud appears when you need it? And flywire dissapears when you don’t need it? lol. 😀

  42. says: Corey

    I think its HILARIOUS that you cant see that the picture on this website ( is photoshopped!
    Its a SF II with lace-cover.Use the zoom-function and youll see it clearly.

    Now the big question is, Why have Nike done that?

    And offcourse, my mistake that I didnt go to the source, but in my country Vapor doesnt even show up on Nike-homepage.
    Sucks to live in small countries.

  43. says: Jason

    So is there or isnt there flywire? every site says something different including nikes site and none of the pics match the description on

  44. says: James

    I think it makes sense that these boots are going to be released with flywire and no nike sense stud. This is for two reasons:

    1. if they released the firm ground version with a nike sense stud, they wouldn’t be releasing a soft ground version as well – the whole point of this special stud is that it makes the boot work in both soft and firm ground conditions. The superfly will only ever be released in the ‘soft ground’ (i.e. bladed) soleplate configuration as it is designed to do the job on both surfaces. The very existence of the studded soft ground edition makes it clear that there is no nike sense stud.

    2. if the boots didn’t have flywire, they’d be pretty much the same as the talaria (or the miracle as it’s now called) except for the material the sole is made of and the lacecover. Not even nike could charge an extra 100 quid for a stretch scrap of material over the laces and a blinged up soleplate

    I think footy boots are absolutely right here.

  45. says: channo

    hmmm… with so much contradiction, then it’ll come down to actually touching the real goods just to be sure of anything at all 😛

    there’s a local store that usually stock up earlier than anywhere in the world (where i got my pred x even before footy-boots reveal the official pics -which is superfast actually), i’ll check them out and post any news i should found in here 😉

  46. says: mugen

    yeah withe the nike site wen i zoom in and try to scroll across it gives a random view showing the vapor with no flywire, and does seem evidently to be a potoshopped SF2, the indent being absent where the lace cover is attached

  47. says: markymark

    kyle – did nike confirm the flywire?

    because when the boot is thumbnailed on the link you posted, it has flywire but when you click to zoom it magically dissapears…

    nike have done themselves a major disservice with all the conflicting pictures

    i however would be please to see it has no nikesense studs rather than just one… just having one just shows its a cheap version of the superfly II, the plain sole plate shows its its own boot, something i like. altho for now i’ll stick with my IV sg and V fg

  48. says: zc

    The funny thing is, that the picture on Nike’s website has no flywire but then when you scroll down to the description they say ….WITH FLYWIRE TECHNOLOGY…


  49. says: Kyle

    Hi All – sorry for not updating last night!

    We’re going off Nike’s word that it has Flywire tech (this explains the jump in price – also the MV-V had flywire, so why would they take it out?).

    We Spoke to them on Monday morning after the whole NikeSENSE stud mix up, and they told us Flywire was in the upper – but like Aussie Lad was saying, we’re seeing boots that are being received ahead of the pre-order embargo which have no Flywire.

    As we’re not sure if these are samples that might not be the full product, we’re playing it safe and saying what Nike and Nikestore are saying; Flywire.

    Unless someone can do what Channo suggested – actually get their hands on a pair and physically touch them!!

  50. says: Busby

    Question- why don’t more goalkeepers use vapours/ superflys. If they are so light and feature an adaptable stud which allows you to push off your toes, wouldn’t it be perfect for goalkeepers. Its not like they need protection on their feet (at least not more than anyone else). I was wondering if anyone knew why this is.

  51. says: fido

    @ Busby

    Goalies dont require such boots because they dont really do much running or dribbling. the mercurial are meant for pacey players. goalies can use them but in some sense wont offer them any advantage.

    also i have to disagree with goalies not needing protection on their feet.. sometimes 50/50 challenges can really turn nasty if they go in feet first.

    btw, this topic has already achieved 81 comments, think that’s a record for footy boot. hahaha

  52. says: Aussie Lad

    As I said earlier, my friend/someone I know purchased these boots and put pictures up. No nike sense stud and no flywire. Just sayin’.

  53. says: ben

    @Liverpool Fan. i’ve heard that the new predators arent as comfortable as the powerswerves. i also like the feeling of having something raised on the top of the boot (like the T90 Lasers, and the powerswerves). the new preds seem like there isnt much to hit the ball on…

  54. says: adam

    @perry groves, i agree that the weight may make very little difference but this is what nike has based it’s whole mercurial range on. They’ve sold mercurial boots on the premise that every gram counts.
    I’m not necessairily saying that when the adizeros come out they will be better than superfly II’s, i’m just saying that i resent paying increasing amounts of money for a product that doesn’t seem to be improving. With what i percieve to be a distinct lack of improvements or changes, i will be changing from my normally favoured mercurial line. I’m not going to shell out time and time again for the same boot.

  55. says: Trampmastafunk

    I redact my previous statement. 240 American for no flywire but instead just some fiberglass and new studs? I’ll take the f50i.

  56. says: zc

    the picture of the vi on the nikestore HOMEPAGE does have a NIKESENSE stud.

    This whole debacle should be called NikeNoSense Stupidity

  57. says: WHSwinger3

    so, whats up with no black?

    my team is only allowed boots with the majority color being black.

    any ideas of a (majority) black shoe?

  58. says: Ben

    Vapors dont have flywire right? just the superfly’s? vapors are teijin uppers. I think these new vapors at a decent price would be worth getting, ive got a pair of vapor 4’s and they are cracking boots, perfect for wider feet too, all the new adidas boots are skinny, got some adipure 2’s, feel great but need an extra half size and dont fit quite right. Any suggestions on wide boots? and im not buying preds, had 3 pairs, both fell apart, same with f50’s 4 uppers, all cracked apart, and the insoles were awful, the new ones worth getting?

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