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*Update! The Mercurial Vapor VI is available to order now!*

The lowdown on the Mercurial Vapor V.Nike Mercurial Vapor V

The Vapor V is one of the popular football boot releases of the year. Here’s four colourways set to hit football pitches worldwide.

Already on sale is the Mercurial Vapor V in Orange, Abyss and Silver (the orange one) in Abyss, Orange and White (the purple one) and most recently the Black & Voltage Yellow.

Nike Mercurial Vapor V MERCURIAL VAPOR VMercurial-Vapor-5Nike-Mercurial-Vapor-5

vapor v's

The Mercurial Vapor V is built around Nike Flywire – a revolutionary construction method that uses super-light filaments to help make the Vapor V strong and light.

Weighing in at just 230 grams, the Vapor V features an ultra-light Teijin synthetic upper that adjusts to the shape of your foot for total comfort. And its carbon composite outer works with direct-injected studs to race-tune your acceleration.

What is Flywire?


The Mercurial Vapor V incorporates Nike Flywire, a strong, light fibre inspired by the high tensile cables that hold together suspension bridges.

As you will see in the image, it is used in the medial section of the Vapor V, which helps the upper conform better to the shape of your foot, whilst offering extra support.

Vapor V Traction

vapor v sole

The stud at the toe end of the Vapor V is designed to give grip whilst twisting and turning at high speed.'  Nike call the studs ‘direct injected’ and the stud configuration should help your traction and penetration with the surface.


Tech Specs

A lightweight performance product built for speed.


  • Soft, supple Teijin synthetic leather adjusts to the foot shape
  • Contoured speed last mirrors the foot shape
  • Lace cover increases ball contact area


  • Revolutionary internal chassis creates instant acceleration
  • Contoured sockliner with EVA inserts reduces studs pressure


  • Direct injected heel studs for weight reduction
  • Vapor forefoot plate with multi directional traction pattern

Weight: 230g

Availability: Now, order yours here – Buy in Europe.

Recommended Retail Price: £129.99, $219.99


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Mercurial Vapor Timeline

1998 – Ronaldo wears the Nike Air Mercurial football boots.

2002 – Ronaldo wears the boots in the semi finals and final of the 2002 World Cup.

2004 – Thierry Henry gets in on the act by joining Ronaldo as they launch the Vapor II.

2006 – Featuring Tejin microfibers, the Vapor III comes out out in white and gold.

2008 – A massive year for the Vapor IV as no less than 10 colourways are released including the infamous Pink Berry.

2008 – First pictures begin to emerge of the Vapor V.

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    1. says: Mark McMahon

      I just purchased these boots and after playing in them once I got stood on and this split the lace cover very easily.

    2. says: callum

      does ani 1 no if dey hav the thing in the heel that gives you blisters cus my mercurial vapor 4 gave me really bad blisters

        1. says: Jake

          band-aid has this new ointment that is specifically for blisters… It looks like a mini deoderant stick…. That’s what I use and it has worked great. Haven’t got a blister since then

  1. says: cesario

    they are going to publish these shoes too early…. but if they are better looking then the iv then post those pics up…….

  2. says: Tony

    I have a pic of the new high end Merc V. There is the Mercurial V but it isn’t the highest end Mercurial model that will be realeased. The Mecurial Superflys are the new high end boot in the mercurial series. They are 180 grams. I have a pic but its taken on a cell phone. So quality is not great. I don’t know how to upload a pic to the website. Let me know how and i’ll show you. By far the sickest and lightest boots ever made. But By far the most expensive boot around. Will be $500+. I know i’ll be rocking a pair when they become avaliable

  3. says: Tony

    the Mercurial V is pretty much the same as the Mercurial IV. Even if you look at the pictures everyone is showing you can’t even notice a difference other than the colorways. The superflys are nikes new big thing, not the Merc V. The superfly is what all the pros will be wearing. The kept the mercurial V around cuz not everyone who wants a higher end boot is gonna want to shell out that much coin.

  4. says: Soul

    i think they will look better in the final version. i still remember about the rumours of the mv4…evry body said that they look like gumboots or that the design was stolen by the f50…and now?? evry body loves the mv 4 xD

  5. says: kevin

    Im not going to lie I prefer my v’z 4 but I do want to try them out. They are available around the same time as a big tournament coming up so im getting them.. The all silver with a little red are my favorites.

  6. says: Marcos

    Ela é horrivel eu tenho 3 mercurial IV e vo fica com elas não vo compra essa não é muito feia.

  7. says: Xenesis

    yip they look just like the vapor 4s. Just want to maximize profits and hog the market..nothing really new about the technology in vapor 4s…such a shame…best advice to u guys..don’t buy them

    1. says: Luke

      Maximise Profits ? There the same price as last year. And if the 4’s were so great and these are supposedly the same, why arent these great to. Releasing the Same Boot every year would get boring, So why not Tweak it abit. And personaly i like the get new boots each Season and so do many other people,

  8. says: TJ

    they are pretty bad looking..but the black nd yellow luks a bit decent. Id rather stick with my Vapor Iv’s….no use buying n uglier version…(sigh)

  9. says: Adam

    Look a bit too similar to the IV’s to spend another £120 to update. I think the big thing the pro’s will be wearing is gonna be the superflys. Wouldn’t mind a black and yellow pair of them.

  10. says: shap

    guys this is pathetic. Not only have they not released something that looks much different from MV4, they havent even made new technologies! Same soleplate, same tejin synthetic, same lace-cover, they actually removed those lines at the front of the shoe which were supposed to offer traction or something. The superflys are the new thing, but I don’t get why they removed the lace cover there. They also look quite bad. I say just stick with MV4s, they’ll be cheaper and offer pretty much the same thing. I looked at MV4 and MV5 side by side pictures, can’t really see much difference at all. MV4 upgrade over MV3 was much more worthwile.

    1. says: Luke

      The MV5 Is Pretty much A tweaked Version,Changing Things like The looks, Common Breakages , And Not to Mention The Deadly CarbonFibre Heel Things Has been removed, which in many peoples mind was what ruined the boot.I personal think these are a good investment as i had problems with the last Model.

  11. says: Sam Ozzy

    On the instep of the Vapour V’s and the Superflys, they have fly wire. This means they have strands of high tensile what ever it is to give supoort to that area and makes Nike able to make the material thinner and therefore make the boot lighter. On the superflys, they have hollow studs, carbonfiber soleplate (thats obviously gonna crack), flywire all over and no lace cover. Drogba wore a pair of these recently in an international game for Cote d’Ivory and as soon as he got tackled, the boot just ripped in half from the ankle straight down the side.

  12. says: Tom

    The Nike superfly = the Nike V’s
    its the same name ppl jst don’t no it :L
    they look alryt but the Mercurial vapors IV’s are probs the best they’ve ever made, and Nike r trying to hard and are struggling to make it better the the Merc IV’s which wont work lol

    1. says: Ali

      Tom, they are the same boot yes. However they are not the same name. The difference between them is similar to that of the Vapor IV SL boots and the normal ones.

      My view, they aren’t very nice. Only one I would get is the black.

  13. says: TÓNTSÁÁ

    These boots are same kind of vapor IV.
    There are just one stripe and thats it.

    that’s FAKE!!!!

  14. says: man u fever

    Is it just me or has the lace cover gotten bigger? If I had to get a pair I would get the silver and red ones! There was no pint in nike bringing out the MV5 because they are similar but worse than the MV4. Superflys not great as well!

  15. says: Sergeant bash

    come on nike! its the same boot as the IV´s but they´ve just moved the swoosh a few centimeters -.-

  16. says: please answer me ..

    Is the Mercurial Vapor Superfly made for women´s too ? I know that the Mercurial Vapor V (the normal one) is made for womens too, but are the Superfly´s ?
    And if they are, which size does it start on ?

    1. says: annie

      well I don´t think so but I played with the IV last year and the where great eventhoug I have typical women feet with thin wrists 😛 But you have to have at least size (39 1/2) EU to wear them. I hope that they will make the superflyes for women and sell them to a lower price because those shoes are amazing!!!

  17. says: goalscoringmidfielder

    agree that the black and yellow ones and even the silver ones look dynamite. any idea when these will be released and if they will be released in superfly versions??

  18. says: digs

    i think the new mercurials and the superfly are horrible the vapor 4 was loads better and puma have made a lighter boot anyway nike should lower prices a bit more aswell

  19. says: digs

    the mercurial vapor 5 and superfly suck they look like bowling shoes they arent even the lightest boot puma v1.815s are and they are overpriced the vapor 4 was loads better

  20. says: Jose

    Well the Max Orange came out on April 1st and the Abyss followed a month later, on May 1st so maybe the silver ones will come out on June 1st. And maybe the black will come out on July 1st. Just predicting…

  21. says: dede

    Platinum/Hot Red/White
    Pre-order from: 1st June
    Available from: 1st July

    Black/Voltage Yellow
    Pre-order from: 1st July
    Available from: 1st August

    But which ones will be in soft ground studs?

  22. says: Arya

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) Is it worth buying the MV 5’s or should I just get the MV IV or the SL.

    2) Does these boots really give blisters, I means i’ve got kinda wide feet.. so will that be a problem.

    3) are the MV 5’s only going to have 4 colourways, if so when does the black and the white one get released.


  23. says: Tanner

    how come the platinum vapor V are different from the superflys on this website where the main color is white?

  24. says: brian

    these boot are sicc too bad the player tht wears thm (c ronaldo) is a diving little girl n i think we all know who the real best player is (messi)!! disagree comment bk

  25. says: klntdve

    seriously, is the boot that BAD???? im still planning to buy one… or does it depend on the “kind” of foot you have? are they bad? my vapor iv isnt that bad..

  26. says: johnny

    i’m new to mercurial series, and i dont want to spend alot of money and be disappointed, so do you guys think buying the steam Vs as a first mercurial boot is worthwile? Is it a decent boot? comfortable? Apart from the flywire is there much of a difference? I’m used to wearing Air legend 1s

  27. says: cr9

    Hello I am a Christian ronaldo I like much the brand(mark) nike as that it(he,she) has the best shoes of football and as to my supports the nike I have used all the shoes of football nike jaja and estan very chidos and ami they give them to me

  28. says: agon

    these boots mercurial V black/yellow are great I have a pair of those they are wonderful Now I m the best player on my team inter on junior 😛

  29. says: momo

    dese boots are savage ……but the in soles are too loose and the flywire section gets crumpled up easily…..apart from that there the best boots around ……

  30. says: jesus cristian M.A


  31. says: luco willi

    if they give you blisters then they arent for you…..have to be one of the chosen few to wear them…hahaha
    vapors are slim fitting so if you have broader feet then total 90s would be better, also you have to wear them laced to the top and relatively tight to ensure your feet dont move around inside the boot

  32. says: Stephen_R_N

    are these boots thin cause i wanna get them but im scared they might rip and also are they hard to shoot with.
    Which is better talaria or vapor?

  33. says: sparks

    hey guys well im gettin the vapour v black bolt yellow for christmas i just want to know if there a good boot because ive quite a fat foot and i dont now wether or not they will be good

  34. says: Mazze

    You should tru every boot in the store before you buy one. I made so many misstakes when buyin boots just becasue i think they look awsome.

  35. says: Tony

    if youre tight like me, buy the talaria, no crap lace cover, no rediculously thin upper, no flywire, just a nice light boot, no gimmicks, need to buy some vaseline and pray the blisters dont get me

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