Nike Mercurial Vapor IX - Cristiano Ronaldo Vapor Trail

Nike’s advertising guys seem to be on a decades-long hot-streak, and that roll doesn’t look to be coming to an end any time soon as Cristiano Ronaldo shows off the devastating power of speed in the new ad for the Mercurial Vapor IX – titled ‘Vapor Trail’.

Whilst the boots themselves are some of the single brightest and most colourful we’ve ever seen, the start of the ad is almost downbeat by comparison; the colours are washed out, whilst some Ennio Morricone-style Spanish guitar sets the scene of a path of destruction through a stadium.

As with Nike’s previous big boot launch video – the Aardman-crafted ‘Pull the Strings’ with Andres Iniesta, the whole ad is presented as a ‘rolling’ backdrop, almost like a 2D-platformer, so the slow-motion camera can show off linesmen, journos and photographers being decimated by an unseen force.

Until the camera catches up to Cristiano Ronaldo, and the whole thing reaches ‘normal’ pace again as the Portuguese captain rips through the defence to slam the ball home off the laces of his new Fireberry Mercurial Vapor IX, before turning to face the destruction caused by the ‘turbulence’ from his speed.

Whilst probably not on the same level as any of the big ‘event’ ads (think Airport ’98), we reckon this is up there as one of Nike’s best boot-specific ads, and provides a nice contrast to the super-bright boots with a stylish, washed-out representation of explosive speed.

But what do you think to Nike’s latest ad?

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