On 17th November it was the Nike Mercurial Vapor Berry. 24 days later, the Vapor Citron made it’s bow, en masse, across a bunch of Champions League games. And now, here are details of the latest Vapor colourway which will be available in the UK in early February.’ 

Mercurial Vapor charcoal side on

This is the latest incarnation of the Mercurial Vapor IV in classic charcoal, max orange & metallic silver.

By the way, good job it’s classic charcoal eh? We wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of non-classic charcoal football boots.

Mercurial Vapor charcoal high view

Currently doing the rounds in the USA, they are priced at $204.99.

The Vapor charcoal will be on general sale in the UK in the New Year but you can pre order now through the Footy Boots Shop. You’ll also find details of the new charcoal indoor and astroturf trainers.

Mercurial Vapor charcoal sole

Nike Mercurial Vapor IV

Speed Plate

The Mercurial Vapor IV features Nike’s innovative Speed Plate technology designed to give players instant acceleration and make them fastest to the ball. Additionally, a re-engineered upper has been crafted not just to make players faster, but faster while dribbling and shooting.

Tactile Coating

In order to aid dribbling with the ball at speed, just one seam exists in the shoe’s upper material, while a new stitched stretch lace cover creates a cleaner ball contact area. The football boot is also wrapped in a clear tactile coating that creates a gripped surface for all playing conditions.

Vapor Traction System

The Mercurial Vapor IV’s Vapor Traction System broadens the scope of player fit; heel pods have been expanded laterally for more cushioning and extra protection. Stabilizing the foot, a form-fitting insert cradles the heel, while a Glass Fibre heel wrap provides lightweight stability with minimal slippage. All told, the comfortable ride of the Mercurial Vapor allows for sustained play at speed, keeping the ball where it should be: on your feet or in the net. 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (No Ratings Yet)

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  1. says: Kylius

    Haha great write-up – I loved the ‘we wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of non-classic charcoal football boots.’ line!

    Sports manufacturer’s give some odd names to basic colours…

    I like these a lot more than the ‘neon’ series of late, they look like stealth bombers!

    At the same time though, I’m pretty disgusted at Nike for releasing 3 colourways in 3 months – release all of them in time for christmas and let people decide on what they spend their money on!

  2. says: Beechy

    I think thid is the best colour since the blue white vapor.

    I does annoy me as well that a new colour is out all the time. My brother got the pink vapor a week ago and already they are dated.

  3. says: Keletsi Lehlokoe

    Wow, these boots are super cool. I have a pair of the black nd blue Vapors nd i’m glad that another black version has been released. I’ll definitely want 2 make this my next boot.

  4. says: adi3

    No thanks!Give me a adipure or a predator. Love Rob Greenwood’s ” they great but give u blisters” What a person will do to look flashy????

  5. says: dominic

    this boot looks great. its good to see mercurials getting back to normal colors like black. the black and blue, orange look good. but i think that the white and blue ones look the best and also the citron ones. the pink were THE WORST IDEA EVER!!!!! whoever thought of that should have been shot on sight as well as bendtner who made a fool of himself

    1. says: Ryan

      it think ur a bit thick init! how can you say the pink ones where the worst? you can jus spin on that! there has never been a bad vapor they are all unique and different in their own way. like the pink ones where limited edition thats why everyone went crazy about them and the chicks dig them! maybe u shud reconsider ur choice to make the pink vapors worst!

  6. says: kevin

    Man all of you are lame I have the vapors in three colors and a pair of lasers. If your to cheap to buy the boots you want then that’s too bad. I prefer my berrys over all and the citrons come second. My next pair of boots are going to be the new shapire lasers. And if you’ve been wearing the vapors line for a while now you don’t have to worry about some dum blisters. And hey if you got the skills you deserve to be as flashy as you want..

  7. says: Ali

    Hey guys. I need some advice please.

    I’m looking to buy a new pair of boots and the Vapors are on my hitlist.

    So these are the ones I’m looking at getting:

    Nike Mercurial Vapor SL – Citron
    Mercurial Vapor SL – FG – Marina

    However if anyone knows where I can get a pair of the Orange peel SL FG size 10 I will love you forever.

    I live in the UK btw.


    1. says: Luan Garibaldi

      Hey, Im trying to get rid of my Mercurial Vapor IV Orange Peel Firm Ground for months…
      I used them a couple of times but them blisters are so f===== painful that ive decided not to wear them anymore…
      If u are interested just contact me cuz nike is not producing them anymore

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