The pink Mercurial Vapor football boot story we ran seems to be gathering momentum……

mercurial vapor berryWho said the football boot industry isn’t exciting?

Rumours were circulating that Nike were rolling out a Pink Mercurial Vapor IV colourway, so the team at Footy Boots HQ did a bit of investigating and were able to disclose that the Vapor IV has gone pink.

Subsequently, it turns out that the Mercurial Vapor Berry (that’s the name for this pink offering, not the Rosa) will be available to order as of Monday on a limited edition basis.


UPDATE: See picture’s of the new Mercurial Vapor IV Berry football boots and get the official lowdown. Right here – Mercurial Vapor IV Berry

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  1. says: Bonski

    the pink vapors are a good idea for players who want to contribute to charities such as the breast cancer institute or some groups along those liens…it would definitely generate a lot of donation to help a good cause

  2. Cristiano Ronaldo said:
    “WOW!!! Want them… NOW!!!”
    Yeah it suits you.

    I think Nike made those football boots for women, I dare any male player to use one of those, unless they want to come out of the closet, that is a great way to tell the lads from Sunday football your new sexual option.

    1. says: jack

      not really pink is cool m8 u dnt no style !!! limited edition pink mercural vapors are the best thing nike ever done!

  3. says: Hugh

    Just because they are pink oesn’t meant that ur gay it just means that when u play with them u gotta be the best player on the pitch!!!
    Fast and skillfull like Nani and Ronaldo!!!!

  4. says: The pro

    Yea losers, if you dont have the balls to wear them, dont say they are gay, cause you are the one thats gay. noob losers. pink is so hot if u are good. imagine owning opponents in those eye-catching shoes. you want the spectators to see your skills if you are good. what better way than this!

  5. says: Nora

    Workout planet; You said that you thought they were made for women. Well, it’s impossible to find those boots in a online store in size US 5/ 5.5.

  6. says: ronaldo!!!

    those are the sickest cleats!!!! i want them, and trust me if you do have skills scouts won’t have a hard time seeing you on the field!!! i want them!!!!

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