Now here’s a curious occurrence – Allow us to introduce the Mercurial Vapor VI Elite…Sort of!


Nike have launched the Mercurial Vapor VI in a colourway that makes it fit in with the rest of their Elite Series of Football boots.

However, the Mach Purple/Total Orange Vapor VI‘s contain no technical advantages over any other Mercurial Vapor VI‘s out there.


That’s right – despite being coloured up to fit in with the rest of Nike’s World Cup Football Boots, these Vapors haven’t been subjected to the Nike Elite Series treatment. Meaning there is no light-weight construction or weight reduction.

Presumably, this means that players like Nani of Portugal who prefer the standard Vapor to the Superfly II can play in their boot of choice and still fit in with the rest of the Nike players on the pitch!


We think this is a very interesting move by Nike, as it makes the Elite Series a little more accessible to most people. At the end of the day, players are getting a top-spec boot in the high-visibility World Cup Colourway for the same price as they would normally pay for the boot.

However, we’re a little bit upset that they didn’t make an Elite Series version of the Mercurial Vapor VI, complete with lightweight construction and maybe some Mercurial Vapor V-inspired Flywire in the upper.

As for the boot itself, we know that the Nike Mercurial Vapor VI features a re-engineered upper, designed to be comfortable, flexible and offer control at high speed.

The boot is also built upon a glass-fibre chassis. Whilst not as light as carbon fibre, this glass fibre is every bit as strong and easily engineered. Meaning that Nike can stiffen it it places like the arch of the foot, but make it bend with the toes for natural movement of the foot.


NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR VI – ELITE COLOURWAY, 7.9 out of 10 based on 149 ratings

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  1. says: Perry Groves

    They are also making Elite version colourways of the whole Mercurial Range, ie the Miracle, the Glide and the Victory. Shame they arnt making Elite version colourways of the Laser range and CTR range, does anyone know why that is?

    For anyone who has seen the Elite boots on show so far they really stand out compared to the Adizero. I think in the World Cup Nike will have the upper hand due to this. Yeah you could say the yellow Adizero stands out but yellow is so last season lol!

  2. says: preds7

    I really like the combination of colours but there are a lot of things I don’t like, that stripy thing, the useless lacecover and the soleplate! And for sure I don’t like the price.. 180?!

  3. says: channo

    nike HAS devalued the mercurial vapor.

    this pretty much ended our “from the sole” discussion we had a couple of months ago 😛

  4. says: Ali

    i really dont like the colours of the Elite boots. i think they are really awefull. i have the green T90 laser iii and i like its colour very much. The blue ones are great also
    but i think the adidas f50 adizero is the best out there. lighter than every boot in the Elite range and much cheaper.

  5. says: ricardo7

    The Vapor 6 should not have even been released. It sucks and is a total step down from is predecessors. It has nothing going for it and was only released because Nike made a new superfly. This boot has rendered the lace cover useless because its too small and it doesn’t even have flywire. That is a total step down! Nike should just stick to their guns , cancel this crap and re-release the Vapor 4, Vapor 5, and Vapor 3, in new colorways.

  6. says: Fifinho

    IMO there wouldn’t really be much point in an “Elite” Vapor VI as this would be for too similar to the regular SF2

  7. says: elliott

    i already so mercurials glide and victory in the ELITE COLOURWAY they are set to be released anywhere, the only difference is that they are more like silver and not metallic/purple, there;s going to be lower boots range with the high visibility scheme from nike

  8. says: Bobbers

    i looked on eurosport and they said that the elite vapor vi’s come with the nike+ training thing online but with the regular vi’s they didn’t mention it. do these ones come with the elite training program and the regular purple colorway does not?

  9. says: Greg from U.S.

    I really feel like Nike is biting off a lot here. It’s even hard for a boot fan to keep up with this stuff. Why not leave the elite color to the elites? If you count the superfly as a vapor, there are like six steps in the price range. The same design on all the goalkeeping gloves is a bit of a mystery as well. I can’t make much sense of all this. Way more shoes, but less distinction — like the gloves.

  10. says: Kyle Knodel

    honestly these arent what i expected. they should bring out the throwbacks and bring back the vapor 2.1s they are definitely my favorite. i sorta like them more then my green superflys

  11. says: Richardsandre89

    These shoes are pretty fine as expected, just one slight concern however the pegs that are second to the front of the shoes are slightly tall. This can disturb the fit o the shoes however the color is awesome .

  12. says: Richardsandre89

    These shoes are pretty fine as expected, just one slight concern however the pegs that are second to the front of the shoes are slightly tall. This can disturb the fit o the shoes however the color is awesome .

  13. says: hussein

    there good but it dose not have the style  want and there too expensive so reduse the price and whatch how many customers you will get

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