The newly named Nike Mercurial Glide is the sibling football boot to the Mercurial Vapor VI.


Sibling football boots often take many of the aesthetic qualities of more expensive boots in their range and offer them at an affordable price.

So – what can we expect from the Mercurial Glide?

Well, the Mercurial Glide offers a lightweight synthetic upper, not dissimilar to the Teijin synthetic used on the Vapor, Superfly and Miracle ranges.

Another neat feature of the Glide is the low-profile lace cover that’s been heat-sealed and branded in a different manner to the Vapor VI – oddly enough, a lot of us here at actually prefer this version of the lace cover!

One feature unique in the Mercurial Glide’s design is the two-part outsole, – The heel section is elaborated with glass-fibre effect in addition to its TPU, and the toe-end of the boot has a nice angular feel to it, making it easy to execute quick turns.

In addition to a solid outsole, the Mercurial Glide also features and internal heel counter (like the Vapor) to ensure stability when running and striking the ball – and features a padded ‘collar’ around the top of the boot, ensuring they’re comfortable to wear.

And despite the disadvantages of not having any fancy materials in the Sole Plate, Nike have still managed to get the whole football boot to weigh in at just 260g!

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  1. says: nadeem

    i actually prefer this boot to the actual mercurial vapors. first of all the are just as light, second i feel the outsole on the mercurial vapor (being used to reduce weight) actually adds weight when you play on mud, as it gets trapped in the holes. Thirdly, the lace cover on this boot is fantastic, even though its not as soft as the one on the mercurial vapor, it feels better with the ball. All in all, in my opinion, i’d rather save a hundred pounds and spent that on the gym instead save 85grams on my feet. i mean unless you are a pro, looking for the edge in everything, be my guest and buy the vapor, but according to me not worth the money and you should go with the glide.

  2. says: Armando

    i think they are better than the vapor v because they have the glass fibre thingy and they weight about the same
    The only thing the glide lacks are the flywire


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