Liverpool The FA have banned Javier Mascherano, the Liverpool midfielder, for a further two matches and fined him £15,000.

Mascherano was initially banned for one match after being shown two yellow cards at Old Trafford on March 23. The ban was then increased to three matches because Mascherano continued to protest after he was shown the red card.

The Argentinian, who was suspended for the derby victory over Everton as a result of the dismissal, will now also miss this weekend’s clash with Arsenal and the home game with Blackburn on April 13

Liverpool will consider their options before deciding whether to appeal.

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  1. Don’t think he deserved a 3 match ban. It may send a warning to other players / clubs but it also tells you that playing fair for 90% of the season means nothing. Top of the fair play league and they make an example of us. Crazy!

    It also makes a mockery of actions earlier in the season, where players have done far worse and got less. If you wish to set a precedence surely you start from the beginning of the season. A league wide warning stating:- As of next season that offence, will get you a 3 match ban etc etc. Adebayor got just 2 games for the same offence!

    Look at the up roarabout inconsistency in refs we all shout about and now the governing body is showing the same inconsistency.

    On the up side, we have already won the Everton game, he would have no doubt been rested for the Arsenal league game so we only really have the Blackburn game to moan about.

    Responding to the announcement from the FA, a Liverpool spokesman said: “Although we received a fair hearing we must now decide whether to appeal on the basis of inconsistency of sentencing for Javier based on past precedents.”

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