Manchester City are all set for a huge season; a host of new signings and a place in the UEFA Champions League are cementing them as one of the the best teams in the World at the moment, and Umbro’s new Manchester City Home Shirt 2011-12 aims to make sure they’re one of the best-dressed, too!

Manchester City Home Shirt 2011-12

In a lighter Sky Blue than last season’s kit, the' Umbro’s new Manchester City Home Shirt 2011-12 is chock full of neat design touches that Umbro have used exclusively for their home-town team.

Starting with the unusual pattern across the front of the Manchester City Home Shirt 2011-12, Umbro explain that this is actually a soundwave graphic of fans singing the team's famous anthem, ˜Blue Moon', which is subtly embedded within the shirt.

David Blanch, Senior Designer at Umbro, commented: śYou can go anywhere in the world an people will know two things about Manchester: football and music. For the new Manchester City Home shirt, we wanted to combine the elements of football and sound in a new and original way.

Ĺ›Our starting point was the club's anthem, Blue Moon. When fans are singing Blue Moon, it becomes more than just a song ” it's a connection between the fans and the players. We went into the Stadium to record a section of the fans singing the song. From this recording, we extracted a 19 second clip and created a soundwave graphic which is used within the shirt. One of the most powerful ways in which any fan can positively influence a football match is through sound. We’ve harnessed that and made it part of the Manchester City’s home kit. This is a truly innovative football strip.”

When thinking about the football and music of Manchester, there’s very few people who embody the City’s love of both as Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher, who Umbro teamed up with to launch the new Manchester City Home Shirt 2011-12, by having the chart-topping band perform a special cover of Blue Moon

Liam said: śI've been a City fan since I was a kid so to be involved with the launch of a new kit is colossal. Manchester City fans are known for having a lot of style and the new shirt looks mega. I love the soundwave idea and the Mod-inspired collar looks proper smart.

śBlue Moon is a top tune and has been City's song for as long as I can remember. It's been covered by loads of people but the only good one until now was the one Elvis did. I hope the fans buzz off our version and sing along to it at the stadium.ť

The collar of the'  is certainly another unorthodox area of Umbro’s latest kit. The inspiration was taken from the from white V shirt worn in the League cup winning season in 1976 and the classic, smart style of Mod polo shirts. The same blue and white chequered board pattern can also be seen on MCFC flags all around the Etihad Stadium on match days – resulting in a mash-up of two styles; a bold white V neck with an inner chequerboard collar stand.

Manchester City Home Shirt 2011-12

We love that Umbro are constantly pushing the design of their football shirts forward, but as the' Manchester City Home Shirt 2011-12 is a ‘Tailored by Umbro’ creation, there are some nods to the dress shirts of the past; the seams around the sleeves and across the back yoke (shoulder) areas are inserted with high performance stretchable mesh, with the holes in the fabric opening up in response to movement to let the wearer's skin breathe.

The new Home strip features blue shorts with white side panels that visually connect with the shirt, to create a dominance of the famous City vista blue. The socks feature a special anatomical footbed and feature bold blue and white hoops, a pattern which has seen City through some of the most successful periods of their history.

The new 2011/2012 Manchester City home kit is available for pre-order now and will be on sale from 22nd July.

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