Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of football shirts, someone comes up with an idea that just blows everything else out of the water! Take a bow, adidas, for making the Lyon Third Shirt for 2012 – 2013… in 3D!

Inspired by Lyon’s legacy of pioneering cinema, the Lyon Third Shirt 2012 – 2013 uses a special printing process on the chest graphic.

When viewed through a pair of old-school 3-D glasses (you know, the Red and Blue ones) the whole graphic leaps of the chest around the Olympique Lyonnais crest, creating an effect like nothing ever seen on a football kit.

The rest of the shirt is a sleek black number with red piping on the neck and sleeves, making the 3-D effect on the rest of the jersey all the more eye-catching.

Olympique Lyonnais Third Shirt 2012 - 2013 adidas, with 3D Print

We’ve got to say, Three-Dee or not – the Lyon Third Shirt is a seriously good-looking piece of kit, and adidas should be given a round of applause for that alone.

Will this new shirt be enough to have the stands of the Stade de Gerland packed with fans watching the game with retro 3D glasses on?

Probably not (and that’s besides the point that this is the third shirt and will likely never be worn at the Stade de Gerland, thank you!)

But as far as a hype campaign for getting your new kit as much publicity as humanly possible?

C’est Magnifique

LYON & ADIDAS LAUNCH FIRST 3D FOOTBALL SHIRT!, 8.7 out of 10 based on 46 ratings

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  • Wow this is taking stupidity to another level, who on Earth is going to watch a football match with 3D glasses when everything around them is already 3D??????

    • Jeff…it’s called being creative…doesn’t have to make sense!  Have you ever seen the clothes models wear on a catwalk? Completely ridiculous…but it’s all about pushing boundaries.

      •  Modelling is a different matter, have you ever seen people wearing clothes from the catwalk straight onto the street (besides Lady Gaga)
        They are wearing these on the pitch and the whole purpose of being it in 3D is to have people wear glasses to see them, just like Avatar, but putting them on the shirts is just pushing it.

        • If the Catwalk people were able to sell their creations to the mainstream I’m sure they would love to.  Adidas have been able to bring something simple and new to the mainstream but only to show what is technically possible these days.  Nobody is saying you need to run around wearing a pair of’s only to show that something different can be done.

  • By the way, the writer of the article said that OL won’t be wearing this kit at the Stade gerland. something false, because even though this is the third kit (That’s why it’s called 3D), this is the European kit  wich obviously means they will be wearing it in  EL or CL, The only case this kit couldn’t be worn is if OL doesn’t qualify to these competitions.

    Carry on posting!!!

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