Lucozade Sport Launch ‘Conditions Zone’ in London

Lucozade Sport Inforgraphic

If you’re in London this June, Lucozade Sport have something pretty neat for you to try out, allowing you to play for free and experience the same conditions as those in Manaus; the Brazilian city where England will play their opening qualifier.

Lucozade Sport Inforgraphic

Steven Gerrard and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will experience temperatures of up to 32 degrees with 76% humidity – the Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone will be able to replicate these conditions.

An increase in heat and humidity has a significant impact on dehydration and fuel loss, which can cause a decrease in performance.

During each game at the Conditions Zone players will receive scientific analysis demonstrating the impact the conditions have had on their performance.

To ensure the Conditions Zone provides accurate feedback for players, Lucozade Sport will be working with STATSports to monitor a number of performance variables, including heart rate exertion, distance covered, weight loss and sweat loss.

Prior to each game the hydration levels and core temperature of every player will be measured by a Sport Scientist, and used to deem whether the player is in a suitable condition to take part in a game.

Professor John Brewer from the University of Bedfordshire and Lead Scientific Advisor to the Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone was a member of the support staff for the 1990 Football World Cup Finals in Italy and is a specialist in the field of hydration and endurance.

Brewer commented: “When playing football in hot and humid conditions the body's inbuilt cooling system steps up a gear, meaning you sweat more, which can result in dehydration. If a player becomes dehydrated by more than 2% of their body weight their performance will suffer.

Replicate this across a whole team and it can have a dramatic impact on the success of a game.” Isotonic sports drinks, such as Lucozade Sport, which provide carbohydrates and electrolytes help to enhance hydration and fuel performance.

The Conditions Zone will bring this science to life for every player that goes through the door so that they can feel what it will be like for the England team out there in Brazil.

The facility will be open from 3rd €“ 24th June and is completely free to play in.

To find out more about how conditions affect performance or register your team to play in the Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone please visit #ConditionsZone

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