It’s going to be a huge year for football boots with the World Cup in South Africa later this summer, and thanks to the guys at Lotto, we’ve got the low-down on their biggest release of 2010, the Zhero Gravity Ultra.

The Zhero Gravity Ultra is the evolution of the first lace-less football boot, the Zhero Gravity and features a combination of exclusively patented technologies that makes it unique.


The first of these is the Reactive Arch, a new sole with a concave form. The description is a bit technical but in essence, it flexes, moving in unison with the natural movement of the transversal arch in the forefoot, and favours the subsequent elastic return (energy return) of the forefoot. It is the first dynamic sole that ensures:

Maximum Cushioning of the Impact Forces: Reduces trauma due to the impact with the ground that the foot undergoes at every step, returning the energy stored by the Reactive Arch to the direction of movement.

Stability when Planting the Foot: Operates on a wider surface area during the phase of maximum load, increasing the foot’s stability.

Reactivity during Thrust: Allows the fastest and most effective possible elastic return of the foot, enhancing sports performance to the maximum.

This exclusively patented Lotto technology is featured not only in football boots, but also in the Lotto’s tennis and running range.

Zero Gravity Ultra

The Zhero Gravity Ultra comes with Pro-fit which is inserted in the upper, guaranteeing a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

The absence of laces extends the contact surface of the upper guaranteeing complete contact with the ball, which Lotto say will enhance accuracy in all areas of your game!

In this laceless boot, the Pebax external heel counter is essential. In this case it’s been designed so it ensures the correct support and protection of the heel, as well as a solid base to minimise boot slippage when running and striking!

The upper is microfibre: a hydro-repellent, anti-abrasion material that performs in any climate. Whilst our first concerns were with touch and feel on the ball (especially in the wet) Lotto assure us that the Zhero Gravity Ultra is excellent in all conditions.

zhero gravity ultra football boot

Lotto have also worked hand-in-hand with the Laboratory of Micro calculations of the University of Pavia to refine the Twist’ngo technology in the sole.

The sole, featuring 11 traditional studs, can count on a 12th rotating one that allows the shoe to accompany the movement of rotation and to bring these benefits:

Speed – The rotation happens in less time compared to a traditional stud; the friction feet/surface is reduced, saving energy and improving performance

Prevention – The foot maintains its natural axis during the ‘twist’; the quality of the movement improves, reducing the risk of injury

Stability – Balance is maintained and improved during rotation; the stud works like a hinge allowing for stability to be kept

Zero Gravity Ultra

The Zhero Gravity Ultra will come in two colourways, White/Metal Blue Night and Black /Bright White and is priced at £150.

We think it’s definitely the smartest looking Lotto boot to date – even the red sockliner is the epitome of class – what do you think?


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  1. says: Aussie Lad

    Yes! I was wondering when Lotto were actually going to evolve their successful Zhero Gravity range. I can not wait to see what they unveil.

  2. says: Mitch

    Love the color way and overall looks and the concepts behind the technology, but the lack of laces still makes me think they would work better as dress shoes than football boots simply because if your feet are not the prefect size they will slide around and get massive blisters.

  3. says: demar

    this is pretty frustrating for an all out lotto owner. i’ve owned the zhero range since their first pair. and ever since twist n go they’ve just gone down hill…i owned the original gold lotto zhero gravities…besides the sole plate separating they were incredible! the shoe was grippy and gave me a great show…this microfiber looks like they’re machine stitched with no grip. the sole plate still looks like it’ll be a problem…and twist n go is god awful, grass gets underneath it and it pops right off. these don’t look necessarily as lightweight either. i hope further details will prove me wrong…until then i guess i’ll just have to find a way to keep forking out cash for the original gravities.

  4. says: dizzl

    i believe the “pro-fit” is a type of memory foam that conforms and holds the foot within the shoe.

    i havn’t tried it, but sounds interesting.

    also interested in the reactive arch concept. cant wait for footy-boot’s review!

  5. says: Sam

    Hmm sounds too much like the concave PT1+, especially the reactive arc thing. Sounds a little gimmmicky, although the concave pad on the PTs are really excellent!

  6. says: raphael

    I own the previous one and it was super!!!! I am looking forward for this new release!!! Lotto Sport is the Italian ‘NASA’ in the development of shoe technology, without any doubt!!! I’ve read somewhere that they are studying all this stuff in collaboration with several famous italian labs and university. that’s great!!! italians do it better!!!! forget nike expensive useless boots…!!! 🙂

  7. says: Jed

    I agree, great looking boot. Surprised that Lotto have gone in top heavy on the price though. Last season they were very competitive.

  8. says: Guy

    Jed – Agreed, it’s kind of sad and I think Nike are partially to blame, the huge jump in price for the Mercurial Range has set a bad benchmark for the rest of the Marketplace.

    Here’s hoping Adidas and Puma release their new boots at good enough prices to force the average price of boots back down again!

  9. says: kuuku

    Looks fantastic! And it’s endlessly interesting, I would pay just to try them out. I’m burning with curiosity on how they feel and perform. REVIEW PLEASE?

  10. says: Splinter09

    I have always been a big fan of lotto football boots, but of their Zero Gravity Range. I prefer the K-leather ones. But what surprises me is how Lotto manages to stay in business you don’t see many Lotto football boots around in both levels (pro and amateur)

  11. says: fifinho

    I think if they actually want to sell this “speed” boot they need to paint it orange and stick a big nike swoosh on the side. It’s sad but true unfortunately

  12. says: kaiser

    footy-boots, can you please give the weight of the boots when it comes to “speed” boots, the tech info is always made available but what about the actual weight of the boot?

  13. says: snollyg

    i’ve always liked the look of the zheros. never had the opportunity to try on a pair (so there are concerns there too).

    but the big thing is the price tag… i don’t think of myself as a good enough player to indulge.

  14. says: channo

    err… this is the point where i doubt my English; so the sole are bending, following our feet. is that right?

    this is gotta be interesting since it’s totally the opposite of predator x’s powerspine principal.

    umbro had their wishbone, even reebok share the similar idea with power-plate -where sole area shouldn’t be bending too much. all claims that it’ll lead to better safety and shoot power.

    looking forward for the review i guess 🙂

  15. says: demar

    i like the old ones better. these have more stitching that will make it more likely to rip. the outsole still shows no sign of being attached more than the first versions meaning its still probably going to separate. they are heavier than the originals. And worst of all they have twist and go which everyone will tell u is far from durable after a few matches. can’t say this is the best move from lotto.

  16. says: hugh

    the best part of the gravity 1-3 were the interchangeable studs. the ability to have a mixed ground stud system with the shorter blades and the longer (and plastic = high school legal) conical studs was the best part of the boot.

    disappointed really

  17. says: Jakob Iversen

    The older ones were a little bit bigger in the size.. does anyone know that this is the same for the new boot???

  18. says: John

    The boot it still very grippy. The boot is 9.4 oz. I enjoy having these zero gravities. The boot overall is solid. The only downside is the weight of the shoe. I would think eventually with a lace less boot they could make it lighter.

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