In the first of a series of 3 boot reviews for Lotto Sport Italia, Footy Boots has been fortunate enough to test its unique and revolutionary laceless design, exclusive to the Italian boot makers.

zhero gravity tre football boots test


The dynamic of the upper makes for a lethal looking boot, and teamed with the brilliant white you get the feeling you’re that half-a-yard quicker!


These boots truly fit like a glove and are basically the next closest option to playing barefoot. That means a lot coming from me, let me assure you. For being such an avid fan of football boots, I happen to love playing the beautiful game barefoot!

The fit is very snug for being laceless, and in some aspects it provides a better fit than any lacing system can offer! The upper stays extremely tight to the top of your foot and heel, but when making sharp cuts the instep and outstep of the sockliner do tend to give a little too much for my liking.

lotto zhero gravity tre football boots test

The heel counter happens to be the “Achilles heel” of this football boot! If you wear a pair of socks that aren’t skin tight, the heel can catch the sock’s excess fabric and create friction between the boot and your skin, creating some nasty blisters!

But, all in all, the boots are very comfortable for being the only of their kind. The insole is quite supportive and the ‘Dual Fit’ system offers customizable cushioning to suit your preference.


The durability of the boots is possibly questionable because of the way the soleplate is attached to the upper. There is no reinforced stitching between the upper and the sole in order to reduce weight, so the lifespan of the boots could be shorter than most.

The graphics do tend to peel away after a few weeks of use and the upper tends to attract a lot of dirt and grass due to its rubbery feel to enhance boot-to-ball interaction. The sock liner of the boots also tarnishes quickly because of soil and sweat seeping into the fabric. These factors all detract from the worth, but that’s not to say these aren’t fantastic boots!

gravity tre football boots test


These boots truly are a “second skin” making for a superb feel of the ball. Skills that involve swift movements of the foot while staying in sync with the ball, such as the ‘elastico’ or ‘hocus pocus’, are made with ease because of the grip that the rubbery upper provides. The boots are ideal for flair players because of this, and are also great for freestyle juggling with the ball.

When you happen to shank a shot with the Zhero Gravity on, the last thing you’ll be able to blame is your football boots! The clean upper is the closest thing to purely striking a ball with your barefoot. There are no unnecessary vamps or stitching to potentially hamper your shooting, so if its off target, its your fault!


The outsole of the boot is essentially a mixed-stud configuration, which is a big plus in my opinion.'  Coupled with the bladed studs, the interchangeable conical studs make for great engagement with the turf and ensure control and grip between the studs and the ball.

Many professional footballers have custom-made mixed-soleplates, so its rare that you come across a boot that is essentially manufactured with that type of configuration to begin with. The removable studs allow for use on firm or soft-ground, which is always a nice option to have as well.

zhero gravity tre boot test


Though no changes have been made to the Zhero Gravity line since it’s launch in 2006 (besides slight aesthetic modifications), credit must be given to Lotto for not falling victim to the “it’s not broken, but lets fix it anyway” syndrome.

Much to the disapproval of many football boot fans, this trait has been seen in many other brands.

I believe Lotto could make a killing in the speed boot department and maybe even rival the Vapor in terms of popularity, IF the selling price was lowered (they currently retail at around £140 in the UK and $349 in the US).

football boots test zhero gravity tre

Overall I’d say these are a great pair of football boots, but they could just lack the necessary durability to justify their price tag. I’d recommend finding these boots on sale if you plan to purchase them anytime soon.

Review by Matt Dawson

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  1. says: Aussie Lad

    I agree whole heartedly with this review, the price tag is a little lofty but if you find a pair on sale, buy them up!
    They are top quality boots and deserve to be lauded and recognised.

  2. says: Kyle

    I’ve got to admit, I’ve always worried about the fit on these boots.

    But it seems that the fit’s the best part, which is great news for Lotto.

    Also liking the fact you really got to test the durabililty more than usual Matt. If I were paying that much for boots I’d want all the features to last; even the graphics on the side!

  3. says: Matt

    Hi guys thanks for the comments!

    martincillo- Yes, the boot does expand and mold to the shape of your foot. The only downside, as I mentioned, is that the instep and outstep of the sockliner don’t stay tight enough to your foot.

    Kyle- Unfortunately even after the first few wears, the graphics start to crack and peel from the boot! I must say its quite disappointing!

  4. says: kuuku

    I don’t see me getting this boot unless at a cut-throat price. I don’t have money to be wasting on a boot where the protection and durability can be questioned. For a professional player it might be worth it. But for a normal guy like me it simply doesn’t make sense to spend this amount of money ($340) on a boot that might not even last the whole season?

  5. says: Luis

    I have these boots but in a differente colorway (Gray/Silver/Black) and they are super comfortable. Although they are laceless, they have a very nice snug fit to them. 😀 I also have the Orange Vapor V, and I prefer the Zheros over them… 🙂

    By the way, this review is awesome. It’s completely what I had in mind. I COMPLETELY agree with it. Although I can’t comment on whether their durability because I bought a pair in sale over the summer ($130) <- 😀 , there aren’t any tears or separations from the sole yet… Let’s see how everything goes 🙂

  6. says: Drew

    I finally got a chance to try these on and I was really impressed with them. I have quite a wide foot, but the boot conformed to my foot really well. Running in these boots felt completely natural and these are probably some of the best fitting shoes I have ever worn–next to my Nomis Gloves of course!

    I will say these were very difficult to get on; it took me approximately 4 minutes just to get both on my feet.

    Very good and, in my opinion, accurate review.

  7. says: FS

    Greetings. Mind helping me with this? Just read your review and thumbs-up man! Loved the fact that it’s not sugar-coated. Anyways i’ve found one but it’s called the LOTTO ZHERO GRAVITY 2T. Judging from the photos, it’s got everthig the TRE has; the laceless design, the tribal-ish markings on the ’sweet spot’, the interchangeable-stud-configuration and etc. The only difference is that it’s in a different colour. Is the 2T the prodecessor of the TRE, or is it like the Talaria to Vapors?

    Thanks in advance

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