Lotto Solista

Lotto Solista

When people ask us why football boots have gotten so bright over the last few years, we always pin the reason on product visibility: if brands are paying players a small fortune to wear their cleats, they want to make sure they’re getting seen.

Is it possible to make a boot that stands out more than any luminous yellow on the pitch, that isn’t necessarily a bright colour? The Lotto Solista might just have the answer.

Lotto Solista Upper

Technically a speed boot, the Lotto Solista boasts a premium microfibre upper, for silky touch on the ball, as well as a classic central lacing system and Lotto’s signature green detailing.

And as far as tech-specs go, that’s pretty unexciting – which is why Lotto have made sure this release has a trick up it’s sleeve.

Lotto Solista Soleplate

Under regular lighting, the boot is a matte grey; whilst certainly pretty cool (and quite a nice colour for a boot, we must say), it’s hardly exciting.

But under the intense light of a camera flash – boom – the Lotto Solista reveal’s it true colour – brighter than any shade of white you’ll see on any other boot

Lotto Solista Paulo Lopes

Designed to look at their best under stadium floodlights and the camera flash of the photog’s that surround any professional pitch, the Solista is certainly more than meets the eye in the looks department.

As well as being a looker, Lotto have also tuned up their soleplate for their latest boot; retaining the Puntoflex technology from the Zhero Gravity and Fuerzapura ranges, Lotto have introduced triangular conical studs (that have more than a hint of SprintFrame about them) for easy turning, and Lamellar heel studs for optimum traction and stability.

Lotto Solista  Luca Toni

Keen-memoried football boots fans will remember a piece we did on adidas American football cleats that boasted a similar flash-activated colourway in October last year, but it seems Lotto have beaten them to the punch on the Solista.

We’ve got a few question-marks over this release, mind you: Will this be any good once the boot gets muddy? And will amateur players get any use out of this feature?
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