As a lightweight football boot, the Lotto Futura 100 is probably among the most under-appreciated – but this bold new colourway is sure to win it some fans as we put the Lotto Futura 100 – Acacia Green / Obsidian Blue in the spotlight!

Lotto Futura 500 in Acacia Green / Blue Obsidian - due for launch in March 2012
Lotto Futura 500 Footbal Boots in Acacia Green / Blue Obsidian Futura 500 in Acacia Green / Blue Obsidian - new football boots due for launch in March 2012Lotto Futura 500 in Acacia Green / Blue Obsidian

Whilst we’ve had ‘Slime’ and ‘Lime’ and ‘Electric Green’s aplenty from the likes of adidas, Nike and Mizuno over the past few months, we’ve not seen a Green quite like the one used on the Lotto Futura 100 – Acacia Green / Obsidian Blue!

Just the right combination of outrageous and eye-catching, the contrast of the bright green with more subdued white and blue definitely make these football boots one of the better-looking to attempt a mostly-green look!

As for the features, the Lotto Futura 100 – Acacia Green / Obsidian Blue isn’t as lightweight as you might expect.

The waterproof synthetic upper is specially stitched and treated to help maintain it’s shape, whilst a ReactiveArch insole uses ergonomic grooves to subtly massage your feet whilst you play.

Soccer Cleats - Lotto Futura 500 - Acacia Green / Blue Obsidian - launching March 2012

Whilst you might be rolling your eyes at thought of a massing pair of football boots, Lotto’s ReactiveArch isn’t designed to light incense and give you a foot rub whilst white noise radiates from from the laces! The grooves are to improve circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up – reducing the risk of the dreaded cramp.

The soleplate packs in the energy-recouping Puntoflex under the toes, whilst the toe-stud of each boot is given the Twist’n’Go rotating stud treatment, to relieve stress on the knees.

All that in a boot that weighs 260g per shoe? Lovely!

The Lotto Futura 100 – Acacia Green / Obsidian Blue lands mid-March, and you can pre-order them from the store for a cut-price $129.99 in the US, whilst older Lotto Futura 100 colourways can be bought in the UK store for under £50!

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