OhKay! Liverpool Solution, 39th Game, Calamity James, Coleman’s Mustard

Nani is tamed when Andy Kay showboats his football opinions…..

Liverpool’s owners should put their football boots on

A significant group of Liverpool fans remained behind at Anfield on Saturday following the surprise FA Cup defeat by Barnsley, chanting ‘Yanks Out !Now’. There’s no doubt that the ownership of Tom Hicks and George Gillett isn’t proving a marriage made in heaven but The Kop might want to consider the bigger picture.

1) Liverpool are 5th in the Premier League while Barnsley are 14th in the Championship.

2) The Yorkshire club have the worst away record in their league, with just 1 win from 16 games.

3) Barnsley’s goal difference is -12, the second worst in the Championship.

Rather than chanting for the owners to walk away, perhaps it might make more sense to encourage them to stay and indeed, pull on their football boots. Surely, even two Americans, who call the game ‘soccer’ couldn’t have done a worse job than Lucas, Babel, Kuyt and co.

Who needs a ’39th game’ to grow the game?

Even the Reading chairman John Madejski has admitted that the Premier League’s plans for a ’39th round’ are in tatters. Good. Apart from his fellow chairman and the PL chief Richard Scudamore, it’s been hard to find anyone in the game in favour of this shameful, money grabbing scheme. If Mr Scudamore is keen to grow the global brand of his organisation, perhaps getting the players to regularly donate a tiny fraction of their ludicrously inflated salaries to world wide children’s charities might be a better idea. Even Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini would have a job to argue against that one.

Calamity James is a ‘Role Model’

Women always moan that getting older is easier on men. David James is living proof. The 37 year old is back as England’s number one and is playing out of his skin for Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth. Over his career, he’s made his fair share of gaffes, both on and off the pitch (the white suit for the 1996 FA Cup final being a case in point), but he’s as fit as he’s ever been, seemingly more reliable and talks an awful lot of sense when he puts his mind to it. There are more than a few young pro’s who could do a lot better by using James as a role model – dodgy former haircuts aside.

Coleman’s Mustard !

Good luck to Chris Coleman who looks like he’ll be taking over at Coventry City anytime now. After his experiences at Real Sociedad, where political infighting was rife, getting to grips with a side that’s just been hammered
5 – nil at home in the FA Cup will be a breeze. Managing in Spain will have been a huge learning experience for the genial Welshman and he’ll be a better coach for it. The Sky Blues have got themselves a top man.

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