f50i ad unit

He doesn’t wear them but he’s got his own line in them. Yeh, go figure.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi may be a fan of the F30i but that hasn’t stopped adidas bringing out a special Lionel Messi inspired F50i.

Lionel Messi F50i

It is, of course, understandable for adidas to push the boundaries of association, particularly when they have Messi on their books and a bunch of designers who have come up with a stunning looking boot in Navy / Gold / Argentina Blue.

If you are a k-leather fan then this will certainly tickle your taste buds as the F50i Messi has all the hall marks of a Limited Edition k-leather classic.

Messi F50i

From the frosted, pastel version of the Alles-Klar heel and soleplate to the gold ‘3 stripes’ it looks as if adidas have come up with a winner.

Perhaps the only downside is the elaborate sun motif on the lace cover. Apparently, it’s a visual and poetic homage to Messi’s homeland,'  skill and talent. Hmm. A step too far perhaps? You tell us. Rate it: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 10)


f50i ad unit

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  1. says: Adam Tosic

    White ones are better..

    They want to promote the f50i as they cost 125 quid, where u can pick up the f30i at 60 quid..

    Anyone got any pics of the new predators?

  2. says: Jack

    not bad, i dint like the other colourways but this is great, i’m hoping for them to release a blue like chelsea’s and a green one

  3. says: New preds

    The new Predators are black and red with a small red pattern near the heel. I can’t post a pic though as it’s against my stores rules 😛

  4. says: Meji

    These are clean. I would use them because of the K-leather. I won’t be gettin a pair of boots till I’m through with this current pair though. Then I’ll buy the F50i’s. Then I’ll go through my other new Dois waiting…then I’ll wear the F50i’s..

    Life story told.

  5. says: Splinter09

    Will that be the only colours available. If so they won’t do very well in Brazil, can see any players there wearing a football boots with Argentinian colours. lol

  6. says: adam o donovan

    I’d like to see messi wear another coluor than blue.I know hes argentinian and all but there are other colours around that he could wear like the new champions leauge f50s white and black colourway.

  7. says: dc

    I have them and all i can say is that they aree the issshhh!
    they fit perfectly around my feet, the lace cover is real good and the leather is greatt. i have the blue ones too ( not k-leather) but these messi’s are better. the lace cover on these ones is better too, they are one with the shoe on the “blue” ones they had a bump and it didnt feel nice. and i got all three kind of studs.

  8. says: Danny

    i saw these ages ago on ebay…nice boots aye.

    omgsh… he wears F30s ok!!! some people cant get it into their head. i have known ever since he was wearing the .6’s. right thru to .9s and the i’s.

    i am a boot nerd and no wat i see…and i have my sources… such as gettyimages com and mrs-boots com

    check it out.

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