Nike, official ball supplier to the Barclays Premier League, has made a golden limited edition football to celebrate the 10,000th goal scored with a Nike match ball since their sponsorship began ten seasons ago.

Gold Nike T90 Tracer

The golden T90 Tracer ball features the name of the first goal scorer with a Nike ball – Mark Venus who scored for Ipswich Town against Tottenham Hotspur on the opening day of the 2000/01 season.

It also honours all eight of the Nike balls used in the Barclays Premier League since the sponsorship began, with detailing calling out the names of the balls across the seasons from the first Nike Geo Merlin up until the current day Nike Total 90 Tracer, and comes in a specially crafted black and gold box, complete with football stand.

Limited Edition Gold Nike Total 90 Tracer

The journey to reaching the landmark 10,000 goals has been an exciting one.  Fabrizio Ravanelli scored the 100th goal playing for Derby County against Blackburn Rovers at Pride Park in 2001/02 season.  And Dennis Bergkamp put away the 5,000th Nike match ball goal for Arsenal against Middlesbrough at the Riverside Stadium in season 2005/06.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the most goals with a Nike ball in one season, when he reached a goal tally of 31 for Manchester United in 2006/07.  Whilst Fernando Torres scored the most goals in a debut season, scoring 24 for Liverpool in 2007/08.

The limited edition golden Nike Total 90 Tracer features the same innovative technology as the one used by teams in the Barclays Premier League this season, and has been innovatively designed with geometrically precise panels that distribute pressure evenly across the balls surface, giving a more consistent, accurate and powerful strike.

Limited Edition Gold Nike Total 90 Tracer
Nike has produced 100 of the golden limited edition T90 Tracers and they will be available to buy from the moment the 10,000th goal is scored in this weekend™s Barclays Premier League.

And all this on the day we ask you to vote on your favourite ball of the last 12 months!

This ball is limited to only 100 units at retail, making them one of the hottest collectors items to come out in a little while!

Each ball costs £99.99, and when compared to the standard Tracer at £84.99, it’s not that bad!

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    the price can be seen as cheap or expensive depending on what way you look at it, for a football, its expensive, but compared to other new high tech balls and the fact that its monumental and so limited, its not a bad price.

    although i dont think i will be getting one becasue my parents would kill me if i told them i spent ÂŁ100 on a ball, no matter how monumental it is.

    although hopefully somebody, somewhere, will make a competition where one of these is up for grabs, and you never know lol

  2. says: tsiptsip

    What I don’t quite understand is why hasn’t Nike decided to produce 10,000 of these instead of a mere 100? I understand the concept that this makes the ball even far more limited and exclusive, but there tends to be a pattern seen with these types of commemorative things where the number of what is being produced goes hand-in-hand with the number of what is being celebrated.

    Regardless, the ball and packaging are beautiful!

  3. says: sjhoward

    Just to let you know guys i am one of the lucky ones to get this ball,even though pro dirrect soccer says there was 200 made.The only bad thing about it is the first and 10,000 goal scored was against the i support.Oh well..

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