There’s been a slightly mixed reception on the new England Shirt, and we’re going to guess that this new limited edition is going to be just as divisive!

Limited Edition England Shirt

From a distance it looks much the same as the new England Home Shirt, but get up close and personal and you’ll see that pattern that runs across the shoulder now extends across the whole shirt!

Limited Edition England Shirt

Peter Saville’s Red, Green, Purple and Blue St George’s crosses now bring an added sense of colour to the shirt, providing a nice patterned look to those who like their national team kits to have a little more ‘Pizazz’!

Limited Edition England Shirt

While the shirt itself will never be worn in a competitive match, this limited edition England Shirt will launch on October 12th, the same day that England will take on Montenegro in the latest Euro 2012 qualifier.

Also getting a Limited Edition makeover is the Anthem Jacket that has proved surprisingly popular with fans.

Limited Edition England Shirt

Designed around the same principals of tailoring and distinctive style, the Umbro Anthem Jacket has seen an incarnation for most of Umbro’s big team contracts such as Manchester City, the New York Cosmos and the previous England kit.

No word from Umbro on the price or how many of these shirts will be made, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know!

We’d be pretty keen to see this pattern on a pair of football boots, maybe on the soleplate of the Speciali? Or how about the Upper of the GT Pro? C’mon Umbro – make it happen!

Let us know what you think with the Shirt rating system below, or with a comment!

LIMITED EDITION ENGLAND SHIRT, 5.8 out of 10 based on 44 ratings

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  1. says: jpizzo

    Horrendous. If you want to include smaller crosses include it as off-white/white monocromatic. making them different colours looks like a Rainbow-Brite England kit. You toned the WC star down and its the only respectable piece of design on the shirt besides the 3-lions.

  2. says: BiyiAdetunji

    theres no special meaning behind it and england havent even been performing that well latley, also, the only one who’s gonna know its limited edition is you and everyone you tell, from 5 meters away you cant tell the difference + knowing umbro, this shirt since its ‘limited edition’ is gonna be outrageously priced, not good at all.

  3. says: Tito933

    Was it just me or did that article, hence Umbro, fail to mention why the special edition? or why it WONT be used competively?

    The jacket I might understand, but for a kit that was released a little over a month ago if I am not mistaken, and for a team that doesn’t have a reason to celebrate a limited edition kit, why the release? I am not English so I do not know if there is a national event of sorts to give way to a special kit. The one thing that makes me wonder is the fact that it wont be used competitively.

    Mexico’s limited edition shirt was due to there 200th independence celebration so that was understood, but Spain (a Spainard myself) doesn’t even have a “special” edition, and they won the most important trophy up for grabs.

    I agree a hundred percent, perhaps the article should be renamed

    Note: Sorry if I offended any English here by missing out on the knowledge of this kit celebrating something.

  4. says: Karl

    Isn’t “limited” the same as “restricted” which would technically also mean “retarded”?


    Gonna get the old kit myself – looks classier and will definitely look better on a night out – this one’s for a night in!

  5. says: channo

    giving out thumbs to BiyiAdetunji, Art, Tito933, Karl (and most of the comments here). u guys are so spot on.

    anyway, i’ve said this before: the collar lining thingie that runs down the chest made it looked like my auntie’s pajamas.

    and i thought “well, what could be worst than that?”

    now they add this little cross motive thingie all over the shirt… it made the totally perfect ultimate pajama!!!
    man… if only it doesn’t cost me a fortune, i’ll surely be the hottest guy on pajamas parties…

  6. says: Nicoacademia

    some commentator said that perhaps a new jersey would provide a clean slate – i empathise with english supporters because umbro just want their money.

    look at italy. still wearing the jersey with fake abs printed. pity us azzuri.

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