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Frank Lampard, the England and Chelsea midfielder was working with his sponsor Adidas on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge.

Adidas TechFitLampard said of the new Adidas TechFit range:

“Well, it’s a new range which I’ve been wearing quite a lot in training and in certain games. It helps… it’s new I think to me the difference from any sort of undergarment I’ve worn before under my kit. It helps support your key muscles and stores energy, so it allows you to run with more power, be faster and for a longer period of time, which I think for any sportsman, that’s their main aim, especially in football these days.”

TechFit is a multi-sport garment and has been scientifically proven to enhance sporting performance, giving more strength, power and endurance. The technology supports key muscle groups and stores elastic energy to deliver explosive performance throughout athletic movement.

The Adidas innovation team claim that the power of TechFit apparel can enable an athlete who could sprint 100 metres in 10 seconds to run the same distance almost a metre quicker.

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  1. says: Jon

    Like Under Armour, those always seemed gimmicky to me. 1 metre in a 100 metre dash would probably shave off less then .01 of a second in full stride, which might matter in athletics, but in football I’d hardly think so.

    I suppose keeping everything… compact… would help comfort and performance wise, yes, but these products are always so expensive!

  2. says: Charlie

    I know this is off-topic but what does Arjen Robben do to the tongue on his Tunit F50.6. It appers to me that he cuts the tongue off?!?! Can anyone confirm whether he does this or does he wear F10+??

  3. says: conor reilly

    I think this is great under armor. I am from Ireland and I play galtic and you need something. This is the one we get over here, but I don’t think they do it in long sleeve which is disappointing.

  4. says: KG

    I think we you should come back to the topic.
    Techfit is a really interesting garment. I treid it and it just makes me feel more comfortable. All my movements and muscles are really supported by the powerweb. I am playing basketball and it really gives me somehow a nice boost. I think if you play regularly you should give it a try.
    Furthermore the girls like how the muscles are defined by that 🙂

    Have you tested it before?

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