Ah… blacked-out football boots – is there any sweeter mystery than a top a player plying their trade in a completely inconspicuous pair of cleats?

Philipp Lahm in Blackout adidas F50 adiZero Prime 2

Probably, but as we’re it’s the only mystery that we really care about!

So, when friend of the site Robert M dropped us an email to say he’d clocked Bayern Munich Captain Philipp Lahm in a new blackout, we had to do some serious digging to unearth all the facts about these mysterious new football boots.

Starting with what we know; Lahm has always been a fan of the adidas adiPure range, and is currently plying his trade in the adidas adiPure III, so it would be fair to presume that these all-black football boots could be a new the new adidas adiPure IV.

However, looking closely at the boots, there’s very little to indicate that these are adidas’ new heritage football boots, and may very well be a leather version of the adiZero Prime.

Philipp Lahm in Blackout adidas F50 adiZero Prime 2

Firstly, the distance between the toebox and the sole looks very flat and low; which is more in the style of the adiZero‘s footbed that the comfort-centric styling of the adiPure.

Secondly, the studs at the front of the soleplate looks more like the diamond-shaped studs of the adiZero, not to mention the configuration of the studs themselves.

Also, especially visible in the top picture, the heel counter of the boot looks more like the ‘flowing’ design integrated into the current adiZero soleplate

Finally, there’s a strange panelling design on the upper around the toes – which is more congruent with the designs we’ve seen snuck onto Borussia Dortmund’s Dimitar Rangelov and Chinese National team ‘keeper Shichang Zhang.

Philipp Lahm in Blackout adidas F50 adiZero Prime 2

We can also reveal that Lahm was testing these same new football boots ahead of Bayern’s last Champions League game at the start of the month, which means that the German defender could potentially be in line for a switch to the speed boot whenever the new incarnation of the best-selling cleats arrive.

That said, the odds of these football boots being the adiPure IV are good too, as the heel studs look to be more traditionally ‘blade’ shaped – which is something we’ve come to expect from the adiPure line.

We’re expecting the adiPure IV well before anything new from the adiZero range, and we can’t wait to see what the bods at adidas come up with for this design – given some of the features we’ve pointed out, these could be the most divisive adiPure‘s yet.

Given the adiPure’s history of classic styling, the very modern-looking stitched panelling could really split opinion between adiPure Purists!

Needless to say, we’ll be watching the Bayern Captain’s feet very closely over the coming weeks…

What do you think these mystery football boots are?

Do you agree with us that they could be a new adiZero – potentially the long-rumoured adiZero Prime? Or is the new adiPure IV going to take the series in a new, stylistic direction

Or are we off the money completely? Is Lahm potentially switching sponsors to a new, different boot brand?

The comments field is just below, let the wild speculation begin!

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  1. says: MisterBroom12

    I agree with b503tt in the toe box paneling makes it seem like the new adiPure IV. The only thing that throws me off though is that the lacing looks offcenter which is not an attribute of the new adiPure IV, but more of the adiZero II.

  2. says: ben

    I think they are the new adiPURE IVs..In the picture 2nd from the top, you can just make out the 2 lateral studs characteristic of the series. Also, the heel is higher up on the ankle than the the adiZero Prime would be.

  3. says: A

    The upper certainly looks like the AdiPure IV, but the studs look like Adizero. Maybe a custom mash up of the 2 boots, similar to how landon donovan wears the ctr with the mercurial bottom.

  4. says: gary

    these are definetly the adipures but adidas are also releasing an SL version of the adipures with a similair sole plate of that on the f50s

  5. says: b503tt

    @gary: yes, if i’m not mistaken, they’re gonna be named the adidas prime? some chinese goalkeeper and a player in the bundesliga have been spotted wearing the f50 prime.

    i also heard something about a predator kinetic coming in around january next year.

  6. says: Sunny

    Check out the catalogs. The adiPure IV is scheduled for release on january, and the prime and kinetic will be coming during summer 2011…
    Personally, i think the primes are somewhat of an extent of the F50 line, like the vapor and superflys

  7. says: Jeevan

    Those looks really cool regardless of the model. I like the mixed studs. The boots remind me of a reverse mullet, “business in the back, party in the front”

    On a side note, is footy-boots required to say “rumoured adizero prime” for legal reasons? There are pictures on the internet of the Adidas Catologue showing the name of the boots and such.

    Can anyone clarify???

  8. says: Nicoacademia

    The stitching looks alot like Pantafolio de Olio’s models.
    But the sole plate is very much a split front adi-zero triangle style and back blade style.

    Looks good. Honestly Adizero leathers are for me the best boot at the moment. Light, Leather, wide fit, and cheaper than Superfly.

    I think what would blow every soccer field in the world away would be a F30 in leather and F10 in leather.

  9. says: Fatboy

    Im willing to bet money that these are the new adidas adipure SL boots. they have the adizero sole plate and the adipure upper.

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