Who is the Football Boots King of Bling?

Football Boots Bling

Footy Boots King of Bling Football Players
Top 10 Bling Football Boot Players

The Footy Boots Top 10 Bling list shows the players who like their football boots to be like their cars, watches and women: flashy, shiny and bling-tastic!

Who wears his Bling like a badge of honour and who was the original godfather of Bling? Only our list can tell you whose boots exude decadence and wealth – so let the Bling Begin!

10. Lee Dixon – What the Bling Was That?

Former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon picked up a handsome fee for wearing Brook’s football boots (technically known as “wellingtons”), but in his first game wearing them, scored an own goal of exceptional quality as he lobbed his back pass over keeper Seaman from 30 yards out.

We hope the Bling was worth it. Dixon proved that sometimes players put da bling-bling before everything!

9. Lionel Messi – The Little Big Bling

adidas & Messi show off the new Speed of Light in this ad for the F50 adiZero
Widely touted as the best since Maradona, Messi plays for Barcelona but regular rumours suggest his transfer value would exceed £100 million, which could see his Bling level rise to the Bling of the World!

8. Stan Bowles – Lord of the Blings

The maverick player of the seventies, cheekily tried to secure twice the sponsorship money by wearing one Gola football boot and one Adidas football boot for an England game against Holland in 1978.

The England star enjoyed a rock star lifestyle, blowing upwards of a quarter of a millions pounds on gambling yet still remains in the public eye as a football pundit and bling-tastic role model.

7. Alan Ball – Vintage Bling

Alan Ball White Hummel Football Boots
Sixties player who was the first player to wear white football boots at the beginning of the 1970/71 season. They were made by Hummel, but Ball didn’t like them!”To be honest lads they were crap, like cardboard, so I got the young apprentices to paint my Adidas football boots white. It was great, till one day it rained and the black came through. A not too happy watching Hummel rep saw what I’d done so I said goodbye to the two grand.”

6. Frank Lampard – Bling Kong!

Lampard Bling
Wears personalised Adidas Predator boots with his name and team number stitched into them. Unconfirmed reports claim this is so Lampard knows which football boots belongs to him. We can confirm that stories that Lampard also has an “L” and an “R” stitched into his football boots are definitely, absolutely, positively untrue as Frank has known his right from left for several months now.

5. David Beckham – Ding A Bling

David Beckham Bling
In his day, Beck’s had boots that cost him around £600 per pair and he wore a new pair every game. Adidas made only 723 pairs and only in his size.

He even had feng shui symbols sewn into his football boots in a bid to improve his football performance. The design which he helped with, was strongly based on David’s interest in Eastern mystic culture, saying “I’m very proud to wear these football boots because they represent the idea of yin and yang.”

They were personalised with stitching of the names of his children, his initials, his favoured number and Beckham’s printed signature for the ultimate Bling factor.

4. Francesco Totti – Signor Bling

Totti Bling
After the 2006 World Cup finals, Diadora produced the Maximus Italia Gold Special Limited Edition football boot, an all-gold football boot for the World Cup Winner which when worn, needed to be viewed behind sunglasses to avoid the excessive glare and shine.

Twenty-three years in the Roma first team makes Signor Bling the longest-serving one club man still playing today.

Totti switched to Nike Tiempo’s later on and was blinged up with his very own Tiempo Legend – metallic of course.

3. George Best – Godfather of Bling
George Best Stylo Matchmaker
Best was the greatest player of his generation and as the first football millionaire, set the standard for the modern players in many ways. The Stylo ‘George Best’ football boot looked like a pair of bowling shoes, with a white stripe from top to toe on each side.

His champagne lifestyle and love of the Bling eventually took over from the football, cutting his career short.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Prince of Bling

Cristiano Ronaldo - King of Bling

Image is everything for football’s ‘Prince of Bling’ Cristiano Ronaldo who sports a watch worth in excess of £100K.

His Real Madrid contract earns him around £288,000 per week, which helps the Prince live up to the billing of the world’s most image conscious player.

1. Ronaldinho – King of Bling

Ronaldinho had two special pairs of football boots containing eight ounces of 24-carat gold with real 24-carat gold applied to the Nike logo.

The football boots feature a gold embroidered letter “R” and number 10, the shirt Ronaldinho preferred, while the heel of the football boot was embossed with five gold stars in honour of Brazil’s five FIFA World Cup wins.

Nike recently recognised Ronaldinho’s bling back ability and delivered him an updated signature boot.

All Hail the King of Bling: Ronaldinho

Who would you add to our Top 10 list?

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