Putting money back into sport has become a funny thing of late. People sincerely want to give – we know that much. But as is becoming more common recently; they’d quite like something to show for it.


Nike have been huge purveyors of this scheme, think back to a few years ago when everyone was clamouring for the chance to donate £1.00 to get their hands on a LiveSTRONG bracelet. Or look as close as 3 months ago – when they worked their magic again with product (RED) Laces.

Now another organisation is looking to make a difference – but this time, using football boots as it’s key commodity.

Kick4Change offer a completely new way to contribute to the cause of getting money into Grassroots football.


The first step is the product – Kick4Change offer junior football boots as their main product. Available in Black or White, these boots feature moulded studs, for use on a variety of grounds, velcro fastening combined with an elastic front for players with wide feet and are available in UK (kids) sizes 10 – 3.

The boots also have durable upper that has been stitched across in a manner similar to many top-level football boots to ensure they bend comfortably with the natural movement of the foot.

Now for many, that would be enough – however with Kick4Change, this purchase won’t just help nameless worthy causes – or even grassroots football in general: they can help your club!


By registering your club or team before you buy any boots, Kick4Change will give you the ability to ensure that your club will recieve 50% of the profit made on each pair of boots.

So, if a few of your teammates are after new gear for next season, not only will you get a pair of new football boots from Kick4Change, half of the profits from those boots will be able to be invested back into your club! Result!

The other key factor is the price point – Kick4Change only ask for £14.99 for each pair of boots – which is an incredibly low asking price in the football boot marketplace!

If you’d like to know more about Kick4Change – including who they are, how to register your team and how to buy their boots – all you need to know is over at

We want to know what you think of Kick4Change’s plan, or even better – have you experienced their boots and funding at your club? We want to know!

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  1. says: Connor Wallace

    it finally happened, youth boots they dont have to tie. next thing you know theyll come with built in shinguards as well. hopefully kick4change will make a point of metioning that even though kids grow like weeds they need boots that fit right (especially if there are no laces to keep the foot still) and not boots that will fit next season. cant tell you how many kids we have coming in getting a size or two up and ending up with shin splints and the parents are confused why their 8 year old doesnt like to run. suppose im preaching to the choir though.

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