We are all used to seeing top international footballers flashing their bling when out and about.

Gold chains, designer watches with diamonds aplenty, flashy earrings and huge jewelled rings. If it’s expensive, they’ve probably got it. Or two of them. And one for the wife.

And now Spanish manufacturer Kelme have taken things to a brand new level with the release of a range of football boots and training shoes that, shall we say, dazzle.

Keme Zafiro football boot 1

The boots and trainers are embedded with Swarovski crystals and are going for around £350 a pop.

Kelme rubi football boot 1

They’ll be available soon from Kelme and, should you happen to be in Austria anytime soon, you can go and see them all on display at Swarovski’s Kristallwelten Musuem.

Kelme azabache football boot 1

Of course, Kelme have a reputation for producing football boots at the luxurious and expensive end of the market. You may remember ‘The One’ boot, a limited edition boot of which just 500 pairs were made to order.

‘The One’ was constructed from 90% Shark leather (good in the wet then) and retailed at around £300.

Kelme The One football boot

After shark leather and crystals, we await to see what Kelme will come up with next. Perhaps a boot for Barcelona players which will stop them from being so appallingly bad the next time they face champions Real Madrid.

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  1. says: Keil

    Omg, what is the world of football boots coming too??
    They are absolutely hideous!!!
    Why on earth would you want swarovski crystals on a football boot??

    haha definately cheered me up this morning,

  2. says: Ellie

    dude what tha hell these boots are maddogg!!!!
    ur just jealous u aint got nuthin these good

    wood pay anything 4 these braah!
    [ xD ]

  3. says: George

    I like the boots of shark very much I have seen several players of the Spanish and American competition who take them very nice,

    Those of crystals this one clear that they are not to play are to collect

  4. says: Bonita Moreno

    I ABSOLUTLY LOVE the new look. I am deffinatly getting some the day they come out. I can’t wait. They are so cute. I am about to bllinging to the fullest with these!!!!

  5. says: BiyiAdetunji

    Whats The Point? if you play your best whenever you play football, at the end of the eason all the crystals will have come off!

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