Shark Football Boots

The KELME Tiburon, a football boot made from Shark leather!

KELME SharkA few years ago, you’d buy a pair of football boots and they would either be made of cowhide leather or a cheap synthetic material.

Recently kangaroo leather and high end synthetic materials have become more popular.

Then KELME released “The Shark!”

KELME are a Spanish company, that was formed by two brothers back in the 1960’s. This year they launched a unique football boot made from sharkskin, KELME Triburon commonly known as The KELME Shark.

So why Shark?KELME Shark

Shark leather is said to be between 7 and 11 times stronger that a conventional leather.

Sharkskin when looked at close up, is like house tiles, with lots of overlapping pieces making up one strong surface. This is similar to the way fibreglass and concrete is made.

These ’tiles’ make the leather feel a little like sandpaper, which helps the ball grip to the football boot and aids your swerve on the ball.

As you would expect from sharkskin, the football boots are extremely water repellent, yet also flexible and light.

And the rest of the football boot?

KELME TriburonThe KELME Shark football boot has a TRX4 sole unit. This features a ‘gill’ ventilation system and heel to toe cushioning system for improved comfort and shock reduction.

The outsole features also features TRX4 technology, with biomechanically engineered stud placement for optimising surface contact and traction.

Options: Currently only available in black, although July next year will see a new range, likely to include grey and a red or burgundy football boot.

Soft and hard ground versions of the KELME Shark are available.

Price: From £108

Images: View the KELME Shark images.

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  1. says: Alistair Campbell

    I am not an environmental fanatic but a former footballer now coach / manager. I would welcome the opportunity to pay entrance fee for your Chief executive and family to visit a sea-life centre of your choice to be educated regarding the plight of sharks and why you should not be retailing these boots.

  2. says: Steven Stewart

    I am shocked that your website would preview these boots when there has been such a global condemnation of shark products, due to so many shark species becoming endangered thanks to overfishing.

    It saddens me further to know that people are using the sport that I love to facilitate the demise of an family of species over 300million years old.

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