Manchester City badgeA move to Manchester City for Kaka is still a possibility, although the chances of the Brazilian moving to the North West of England look remote at the moment.

It’s understood that City representatives have been in Milan and have made a bid for the 26 year old in the region of £100 million, offering him wages of £500,000 a week.

Kaka’s advisor, Diogo Kotscho, says the player is open to offers, should AC Milan want to off load him but that any move would have to be for footballing not just financial reasons. And with City in the wrong half of the Premier League and European football looking like a non-starter, it’s hard to see what else apart from cash City can offer.

Speaking to the BBC, Kotscho said:

grafite It is not impossible, if Milan let us talk, then we will see what City have to offer.

Kaka knows about the offer but the club did not give authorisation for talks, so we did not meet.

It was a great proposal but it’s not about only money.

We have to see if Manchester City have a project to become a Champions League team and become one of the top teams in the world, and to stay there long term.

Previously Kaka told the website of Mediaset, a TV company owned by Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi how he wanted to stay at the club for life. He also added that he wanted to take over the captaincy of the club from Paolo Maldini.

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  1. says: Lionboy

    If Kaka joins he will lose all his pride and respect, i certainly will no longer be a fan, joining man city (obviously for money)would be a stupid move. Pride and respect cant be brought!

  2. says: dominic

    Lionboy i could not agree more,by moving to city he is taking a massive step back in his career and lose so many fans.

    but in my opinion, he won’t leave he said very recently he doesn’t want to leave and he wants to captain the club and succeed with milan and grow old there. so i guess the player part of this deal is positive for a stay. and also his father(agent or something cus he’s gonna talk to city) would never betray his sons trust and sell him to city

    As for the managerial side, the reports say that milan will sell him for the money, but going after what ancelotti comments when he said ‘ i want to coach kaka for many years to come’ gives you the feeling that not only does he not want him to leave it also shows the feeling of the whole Milan group. and ancelotti and galliani are always in agreement and knowing the kind of person galliani is he who never give up a big star when they also have a world class player but also from a business and marketable player.

    so it looks increasingly likely that kaka will not leave and not ever leave no matter what english tabloids say and what past players say (Bobo).

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