Spanish Sports brand Joma have decided that the lightweight boot game isn’t just for the big guns anymore, as they prepare to release the TotalFit Ultralight.

The Total Fit Ultralight football boot by Joma

Essentially a retooling of the Joma Total Fit, the Ultralight sees Joma replace the legendary One-Piece Leather Upper for a specially commisioned MicroFibre.

This drops the football boots weight to an impressive 255g. Whilst not jaw-droppingly light – that puts the Total Fit Ultralight at 90g heavier than the adidas f50 adiZero, and only around 35g heavier than the Mercurial Vapor Superfly II – all without the use of Carbon Fibre.

Pretty impressive for a company that usually puts it’s focus into the heritage and comfort!

The Total Fit Ultralight football boot by Joma

Whilst you can’t see it on any of these promo shots, the boot also features a new 360 degree stud system – a unique arrangement of 4 conical studs that are designed to alleviate pressure on a players knees and joints when turning sharply.

Joma also tell us that the outsole of the boot has been narrowed, which allows the boot to provide a more stable fit whilst also reducing weight. This is possible thanks to a single grooved plate that runs between the upper and the sole.

Talk about taking things back to basics – the TotalFit Ultralight has a one-piece upper and single piece sole unit!

Joma also believe their pricing is a strong point – at only £80, these boots could pose a serious threat to bigger companies who are selling ‘sibling’ versions of their top-line football boots for over £100.

The Total Fit Ultralight football boot by Joma

But is all this enough to convince you to try out something new in Joma?

We know the Toledo-based brand aren’t well represented over here in the UK, but is the Total Fit Ultralight enough to tempt you to try out something different when it launches on July 1st?

Let us know!!

JOMA TOTALFIT ULTRALIGHT, 7.7 out of 10 based on 33 ratings

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