Adidas Predator’s Johnston: “Football Boots must change.”

Adidas Predator designer and former Liverpool FC player Craig Johnston has warned that change is needed in order to reduce the growing spate of foot fractures in professional football.

Johnson believes that it is only a matter of time before a player gets so badly injured that he sues a major football boot brand.

Over the years football boots have evolved from being traditional leather with standardised stud patterns to being more high-tech, lighter and dynamic, containing traction controls and cooling systems as well as anti-roll bars on the soles.

johnston-football boots-injury

Johnston’s opinion differs to other critics, stating that football boots are almost offering too much protection rather than too little.

Football Boots are so well designed , the weave of the pitch so tight, and the players so powerful and quick that huge forces are going into the human bone structure.”

The Australian, is of the opinion that current football boots engage too much with the turf with little give, and that football studs are part of the current problem.

He has recently called on FIFA to outlaw certain types of studs, stating that some of the material is especially dangerous, and could lead to serious facial injuries.

“I was in the business of designing football boots with more purchase on the ground, but now football boots need more release because players have evolved into super athletes.”

“Not enough is being done to protect players, I’ve been saying it for many years. I can’t understand the major sportswear firms not taking it more seriously.”

“Forget all the fancy designs, we need to get back to football boots and studs that protect players’ welfare.”

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  1. says: Alex

    I agree with Sam. Vapors are great boots I love how light they are and I really think they’re the best boots I’ve had so far, but they have no protection what-so-ever. Yesterday, at training, I thought I did a Wayne Rooney when someone stepped on my foot and it brought tears to my eyes but I walked it off and it didn’t feel serious. Then we did a scrimmage and one of our players is really reckless and I don’t like him. But anyways, he swung at the ball like a moron and I had done a Cryuff so the ball was gone and my leg was there and he swung full force on my leg. I wanted to kill him but in the end I walked it off, but that’s not related to boots. So anyways, yesterday, after those 2 mishaps, my feet were stepped on like 6 more times and I felt every single stud but what can you do? No shoe really protects you. When you sprint you put like 3x your weight on your feet and shoes can’t help that. Then when someone is sprinting and slams your foot with 3x their weight no shoe can help that either…

  2. says: man united21

    NIKE TOTAL 90 shifts rule

    i have a pair of green mercurials, and sam is right.
    not only is there no protection, but hitting a great shot is impossible!!!!
    the finish is WAY too smooth!!!

  3. says: keil

    I have to disagree with you there man united. I agree with sam in the fact that vapors arent as protected as the majority of the football boots on the market. But hitting a great shot is utter nonsense, I have worn vapors for about 4 years now, and never had a problem with the way I strike the ball, if anything I strike the ball a lot cleaner than I did when I was wearing predators. Its maybe worth video recording you striking a ball a few times, have a look at it, and see where you seem to be going wrong. We do this as a pre season scheme, for players with new boots etc

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