It looks as if Concave may have signed up their first major name judging by the evidence on show in yesterday’s Premier League game between Chelsea and Manchester United.

United defender John O’Shea was spotted wearing the Concave PT+ as he played at right back in the champions 1 – 0 defeat at Stamford Bridge.

john o'shea concave football boots

John O’Shea, 2nd from left, in Concave PT+ football boots

Although the Concave hasn’t made a statement on contracting any ambassadors it’s been known that they’ve been looking to break in to the top flight with a well known and proven player for some time.

In O’Shea, Concave may well have hit pay dirt.

concave football boots john o'shea

The Republic of Ireland international made his United debut in 1999 and became a regular in the side during the 2008 / 09 season. He was on the bench for last week’s Champions League game against CSKA Moscow having recently made his 350th appearance for the club against Stoke. The 28 year old was one of the goalscorers that day in United’s 2 – 0 win. Most recently, O’Shea has worn the adidas adiPure II.

Concave is a relative new-comer to the football boot world, having launched the first model of it’s technologically advanced product last autumn, as exclusively reported by Footy Boots. They are now introducing their much broader and eagerly anticipated 2009 product line in football specialty shops and online in the UK and the USA – and soon, globally.

john o'shea concave pt+ football boots

Concave attributes its patented technology on the top of the boot with giving players at all levels the ability to increase their ball striking skills – in the areas of power, accuracy and control – while also protecting against foot injuries. In fact, in-house tests have demonstrated a 15 percent increase in power and 30 percent greater accuracy when striking the ball, over traditionally designed football boots.

concave pt+ football boots john o'shea

O’Shea becomes the second player in the English Premier League to wear Concave football boots following the lead of Portsmouth’s Danny Webber. 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (No Ratings Yet)


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  1. says: DaveM

    It’s a good shout, but I still don’t know where to buy them, footyboots still dont have them.

    Maybe there will be some more players wearing them now.

  2. says: Duberry

    I like the look of the Concaves much better than that first effort they released. Like Dave, shame you cant buy them. How much are they?

  3. says: brad

    i think that these boots are mint i had the 1st pair and i can speek from experiance that concave are a quality boots. they are an average price but are worth every penny. i would think that any kind of player can use these not just strikers.

  4. says: ill-d

    i like seeing these new companies or companies entering into the boot market do well with their first line of boots…like under armor and concave. just means the big companies have more competition and need to step up their game.

    im definitely interested in the concave boots. Like the looks of them, just dont see them around in any online shops. carries the first generation concave still but i heard they listened to feedback and tried to work on everything wrong with the first version…another reason im interested in this newest incarnation of Concave.

  5. says: Troga

    The Concaves rock. I purchased a pair recently and the power and accuracy is evident from the first kick. You have won me over Concave:-)

  6. says: striker

    I’ve worn the Concave boots and there’s no question that when you strike the ball on the sweet spot on the top of the boot it has significantly more power and more accuracy. Its pretty different to other boots and I’m sure OShea would have been trialling them for ages before wearing them in a match.

  7. says: Editor

    Sorry kaiser, there may be a plonker somewhere in this scenario but it ain’t us!

    The Concave logo and unique upper are clearly visible on the image from Stamford Bridge plus we’ve since confirmed the fact with Concave themselves.

  8. says: Hes Got Big Ears

    the boots look great and will be even better once we can get our hands on them…why don’t they have an online store themselves??

  9. says: Stu

    I have the PT+ (SG) and can honestly say that I’ve never worn a pair of boots that have nipped my toes so much when I run.

    I spent £100 GBP on these boots and they may just sit in the back of my closet unless I can get the top leather to soften up significantly (which I have been trying to do unsuccessfuly for the last two weeks).

    I may just have to keep on with my infinitely more comfortable Predators and just accept the pain I am currently experiencing in my foot which was the whole reason for purchasing the PT+’s in the first place…

  10. says: superlee . blackburn

    i got a pair of the concave white leather blades !
    at first they were tight on but after a few times of wearing them they fit like a glove .i wear mine for indoor at jjb . banging the balls into the back of the net for fun . with a bigger sweet spot . the only downfall with them is that the laces are to thin for the eyelets of the boot and have already started cutting into the leather . other than that they are by far the best boots ive had and when the new design come out out for the world cup i’ll be getting a new pair . keep up the good work concave

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