are Recruiting

Current Season

Due to our success domestically, in Europe and Internationally, are looking to strengthen the squad.

Skill Level

To join the team you need to be exceptional. It goes without saying that you love football, even better you will have an affinity with the tools of the trade, football boots.


We are looking for a star striker, someone who can assist in build up play, bring others into the game and finish.


Based on your experience, skill and what you offer the team, the chairman will back the manager and sign the right player.


This is an exciting position with great variety. Therefore you need to be a good all rounder!

You could be talking to a brand in the morning, selling a new feature to an advertiser in the afternoon, then interviewing a pro player in the evening.

You will be:

  • Fanatical about football
  • Good at English, both verbally and written
  • Organised
  • Very familiar with the internet and search engines

You could have:

  • Experience in sales
  • Experience in marketing
  • Be involved in advertising or sponsorship

In return we offer a career that is fun, exciting and rewarding – with lots of opportunities for progression.

To apply:

Email your CV to alan, include around 100 – 150 words on why you want to join the team.