Injured Player Hands Back His Adidas Football Boots

Does the Adidas F50 Football Boot Offer Total Protection? Ryan Green thinks not.

Adidas F50 football bootBristol Rovers defender Ryan Green has reportedly sent his Adidas F50 football boots back to Adidas following an injury he claims was made worse by wearing the Adidas football boot.

The full back has returned to action following a month long absence after having received a deep gash to his foot whilst playing for the Coca-Cola Football League Two side. Green believes that the lack of protection given by his Adidas football boots were to blame for the seriousness of the injury and has vowed to “never wear plastic boots again”.

In a report on the Bristol Rovers team website Green said, “The cut in my foot was really deep and went right down to the bone. I’d expect more protection from a boot than that and I certainly won’t be wearing plastic boots again. From now on it’s back to leather ones for me and after what I’ve been through, I’d advise other players to do the same. ”

Adidas’ Response to Ryan Green’s Claims

An Adidas spokesman said: “We have sold more than 250,000 pairs of these boots in the UK alone, many more worldwide and this is the first incident like this that has been brought to our attention.

Adidas logo “All our sports equipment is extensively and independently tested before it goes on the market and the evidence we have is that adihex – the material these boots are made from – actually offers more support and protection than leather boots. We have examined Ryan’s boots and there were no problems with them. Football is a contact sport and I think what happened has to be put down to a freak accident.”

Our Verdict: This is the first time concern has been raised by a professional player and the interesting fact is that this came from a player outside of the top echelon of the game in terms of endorsement contracts. Are the modern lightweight football boots not protecting football players at all levels of the game, or was this a one-off incident to be dismissed and forgotten? Whilst we have all the sympathy with the player, can 250,000 Adidas football boot wearers in the UK be wrong? Let us know what you think.

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  1. says: Damage Done

    Unfortunately players are finally realizing they can’t have the best of both worlds when it comes to their football boots. Even Kangaroo leather is made so razor thin these days, there’s not much more protection. I’ve had toes broken in both micorfiber and Kangaroo leather football boots. If you want heavy, water absorbing boots – go for it. You can have one or the other – but not both. Get used to it and stop crying people.

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