The Indonesian Football Association is facing a court battle after being sued by a, ahem, High-Profile lawyer over the design of their National team’s football shirt.

Indonesia Football Shirt
The Garuda appears on the Crest and Watermark of the Current Jersey


A high-profile Indonesian lawyer is suing the Indonesian Football Association for using the nation˘ national symbol – the Garuda – on the shirts of the national football team.

Claiming he’s motivated by his ”sincere love of the national team,” David Tobing said he was taking legal action because he believed the mythical bird-like creature, should not be placed next to commercial logos – such as that of athletic apparel provider to the team – Nike.

”What appears on the shirt should be the logo of the football association” Mr Tobing ranted.
Indonesia Football Shirt

The national symbol also appears on the away Shirt

Publicity Stunt?

David rejected suggestions the move was a publicity stunt, claiming that he believed that he was obligated as a lawyer to challenge anything that he felt violated the law.

He said the national football team had breached Law No. 29 on the National Symbol, Anthem and Flag.

Asked about the timing of the move, he said ”that˘ because I just bought the law book two days ago and I can˘€žË˜t make any further delays to act against this violation.” further increasing doubts about the validity of his claim (what sort of Lawyer only bought ‘the law book’ 2 days ago?!)

He said he was not pursuing damages and had spent Rp 1.5 million ($167) of his own money lodging the complaint.

Indonesia are riding high after an unbeaten run to the semi-finals of the Asian Football Federation Cup. Indonesia faces the Philippines in the first leg of the semi-finals in Jakarta on Thursday, with the second leg also expected to be held in Indonesia due to problems with the football association in the neighboring country

What do you think of this move? Likely to be taken seriously, or should Mr. Tobing be thrown out of court like the crackpot he most probably is?

Let us know!

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  1. says: rdmo

    The Football Association of Indonesia said that the “Garuda” symbol was used because the national team represents Indonesia,not the football associaton

  2. says: Nabil

    I can assure you that my nation’s symbol can be placed anywhere as long anyone who wears it is on national duty in international stage, in this case FOOTBALL 🙂

    with love of football from Indonesia 🙂

  3. says: bipo

    even though he’s got a point there, he surely pick this time for publicity stunt. but i don’t want to wear with a PSSI logo, they’re an embarrassment.

  4. says: Vinh

    well i think he embarrassed himself when he said that he bought the law book 2 days before which is something you shouldnt say but other than that the shirt really looks good
    and one another thing Vietnam is gonna win the aff suzuki cup

  5. says: harry

    the lawyer is a wally. he should hav had all his books for uni.the watermark represents the country so he should be proud, but hey i live in the western world so what would i know. what i do know is england should hav the 3 lions watermark instead of them silly stars

  6. says: raka gemma

    this lawyer is a joke..
    i’m from indonesia, this garuda represent the spirit and the unity of our people.. the national team have just found the right game and this guy came along ruin the hype & just looking for attention. i hope the national team players will gain their spirit from the people’s support!!
    this is the best indonesia national team jersey design from nike. GO INDONESIA!!! GARUDA DI DADAKU!!

  7. says: Gabriel Natanael

    Yeah we should probably kill that lawyer.
    I’m Indonesian and I do feel embarrassed about this case.
    This should’ve never happened.

  8. says: nanit

    banyak jg orang indonesia yg buka situs ini.
    well, you stupid lawyer, stop doing something unimportant, this is about nation pride, so mind something useful!!

  9. says: gilangkharisma

    we’d rather throw away our national jersey if there’s Football Association of Indonesia’s (PSSI) emblem..
    kostum timnas make logo PSSI?..cadu teuing!!!kajeun diduruk ku aing!!!

  10. says: channo

    hahahaha… as 120% Indonesian blood running through my veins, i could assure u that this is just a publicity stunt by the damned lawyer 🙂

    nike has been using The Garuda on 2 or 3 previous jerseys also. but nobody protested about it back then -of course, by that time we didn’t have consecutive 5-1, 6-0, and 2-1 victory in any tournaments, and ended up at the top of the table, nor any rio ferdinand to congratulate us on his tweeter account.

    now our lads are in their top performance, we understand if some people might use that to gain popularity.

    moreover, the Indonesian football federation has really serious issues with the fans. the chairman are probably not the most popular person back here… we’re definitely happier to wear Garuda in our chest than Indonesian football federation logo.
    should this is one of the reason why nike switched to The Garuda, i think that is one of their best business maneuver ever!

    as a fan, i think that this is one helluva design from nike -probably one of the best.
    most of the guys (fans) back here also won’t let the blood, sweat, and tears shed on the pitch by our lads got disgraced by some political act of some irresponsible lawyer.

    anyways, thanks footy-boots for posting this news. never thought it would’ve been THIS huge…!
    remember this jersey people… 11 brave lads wearing this red and white might kick ur team’s ass in the future 😀

    shoutout to all Indonesian out here 😀


  11. says: Zha

    Our kit with our football association logo on it? I bet no one would buy the jersey, it is such a disgrace to have the Indonesian FA on our jersey

  12. says: MilosHasibuan

    Stupid low class lawyer!!! Ask him to go and practice law at Malaysia there… do they even want him there?

    Couldn’t choose any better time to dampened our high spirited nationalism….

    I am no longer an Indonesian.. yet I am still very, very proud of the present PSSI…. Garuda di dadaku…. Mana Garuda Kau!!!

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