Hypervenom Goes Beastmode in New Nike Viral

Hypervenom Nike Viral Video

Nike never fail to surprise when it comes to imagining outlandish, creative ways to show off a humble pair of football boots.

From making Iniesta a quite-literal puppet master to having Ronaldo blow away the competition, there’s no shortage of amazing ideas amongst the Nike video team when it comes to creating a memorable boot ad.


So, with a name as lethal as it’s looks, it should be no surprise that the Nike Hypervenom Phantom has a suitably venomous viral video to match.

Left to their own devices in an empty changing room, the Hypervenoms come to life to show off their killer attributes; the NikeSkin pulsing and forming a scorpion tail, whilst the traction plate becomes a pair of serpentine fangs.

Then, in a move Indiana Jones would be none too fond of, the laces become a pair of cobras, whilst the menacing eye from the teaser imagery blinks to life on the inside of the boot.

All-in-all, another quality viral from Nike for the Hypervenom Phantom. Even if it has left us compulsively checking our feet and hair every time we get an imaginary itch or tickle.

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