We love a good debate here on, and now the Premier League season is over it seems like the perfect time to look back over which clubs really have the right to say they have had a ‘good season’.



That’s what Ray Parlour & Rodney Marsh – the Angry Pundits – are here to discuss!

Two of the most opinionated England internationals ever clash heads over which players and teams would be crowned the biggest winners and losers of the 2010-2011 season – and we want you to join in!

Whilst there are arguably only one real set of winners when it comes to the Premier League, what was it about this year’s Manchester United squad that gave them the edge? Was Javier Hernandez the signing of the summer? Did the FA’s ban on Wayne Rooney sour his season, despite another winners medal in his cabinet?

What about the losers? Is Carlo Ancelloti this year’s biggest loser for spending £75m on players and ending up with nothing but his P45? Or should winning Chelsea’s first ever double have bought Carlo some more time?

Who was unlucky to be relegated? Or did all three teams deserve it?

Let us know in the comments and join in the debate!

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