How Does Goal Line Technology work

Fifa have chosen GoalControl as the goal line technology to be used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Here’s how it will work….

– World Cup stadiums will be fitted with 14 high speed cameras, 7 focused on each goal.

– Each camera is hooked up to an image processing computer.

– The computer monitors all moving objects, but filters out things like the players and ref so that the ball is focused on.

– The ball is tracked to within a few millimetres via three dimensions (X Y Z coordinates) so the computer knows its location.

– When the ball crosses the goal line, the referee and his assistants will receive a vibration and signal on their watch within a second to confirm that the ball went over the line.

– Images are stored and can be replayed.

Demonstration of the Goal Line Technology

The goal line technology to be used for World Cup 2014 is from a German based company called GoalControl.

Ahead of being introduced for the first time in a World Cup, it will be tested at the Confederations Cup in Brazil later this year.

The FA and Premier League are still considering which technology they will approve, but a decision is expected over the next few months.

The Uefa president Michel Platini recently claimed that goal line technology was too expensive for the Champions League!

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