FIFA President Sepp Blatter has revealed that he fully expects to have a fully-functional Goal Line Technology system in place when the World Cup comes to Brazil in 2014

Goal Line Technology

Speaking to TF1, Blatter said: “I think in 2012 we will have a system ready to detect whether a goal has been scored or not. At this point it will be introduced for World Cup 2014.”

Having often come across as closed to the idea of such technology being introduced to the beautiful game, Blatter seems to have U-turned on the subject.

Blatter was speaking just 6 weeks after he and the rest of the IFAB board turned down no less than 10 different systems, after all the companies prospecting such technology failed to meet standards set by the IFAB board.

What sparked such a sharp turnaround on the topic?

“It was necessary to open up new debate over it to avoid the English from suffering more injustices.”Ä‚Ĺ»'»'ĹĽ said Blatter in the same interview.

We’d love to know if there was sincerity or Sarcasm in Mr. Blatter’s voice when he said that…

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  1. says: Ihateblatter

    blatter: the fact he can even make such a sarcastic comment to put down england is a joke.
    the whole country knows technology is required, what a surprise england didn’t get the world cup with biased fools like him.
    technology is needed because his corrupt organisation cannot appoint decent officials instead of incompetent ones who aren’t fit to ref a sunday league game the amount of basic mistakes they make. that is a fact.

  2. says: harry

    that weasel blatter will now do anything to get re-elected fifa president. but will technology stop at goal line disputes?
    what fifa should do is at half time the officials take a look at video evidence and then determine wat should be a goal. they should also look at decisions over simulating and conning the ref.
    no team should play with 10 men. instead when a player gets sent off a substitute then comes on to replace him so there are no excuses how the team with a man off complains they only had 10 men and also the other team cant look to get players sent off. instead for every man sent off the club should pay a 10,000 euros or pounds or even dollars and make the club suffer not the game.

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