The Coke Column: Injuries and Rehab

In this week’s Coke Column, Giles talks about his 2007 injury battle.

giles-coke-injuryHi everyone, hope you’re all well and thanks for checking my Coke Column out again!

2007 has been a pretty frustrating year for me. The birth of my daughter and the move to Northampton aside, I’ve been pretty much unable to do what I’m paid to do, that’s play football.

I was playing for Mansfield Town at Accrington Stanley in January when I tracked back to tackle a winger who was cutting in to shoot. I managed to get my leg between him and the ball, but with my right foot planted, he kicked the back of my leg and my knee twisted, resulting in some of my cartilage tearing off.

About a week later I had an operation to rejoin and sew together my cartilage. I had to wear a knee brace and was unable to walk for eight weeks, which was pretty frustrating to say the least! After the brace was removed, I was walking with the aid of crutches but discovered I could not extend my knee fully. The surgeon went back into my knee to remove fluid and scar tissue which was causing the pain in my knee and preventing me from straightening and bending it properly.

A few weeks later, after again having to use crutches, I went off to Lilleshall to begin my rehab. This consisted of doing really light strengthening and cardio exercises on my knee to build it up again. The physios at Lilleshall were really pleased with my progress and I was signed off by them just after joining Northampton.

At Northampton, I continued to strengthen my knee with weights and cardio work, but was getting pain in my knee when I was jogging. The surgeon had to go into my knee for the third time about five weeks ago. Apparently a piece of scar tissue had got stuck near my cruciate. Hopefully, this is third time lucky for me!

After five days to rest up, I started back on the leg weights and I’m now doing light training with the first team. I’m due to start full training next week and all things being well, I will be involved in a few reserve team games towards the end of the month. It’s then up to me to continue giving 110% and force my way into the gaffer’s first team plans.

Your questions:

Did you experiment with many other boots before settling on the Predators? From Max

I’ve worn mostly Adidas football boots but in the past I’ve also worn anything from Nike Tiempo’s to the Umbro X Boot and the Puma King.

Hi Giles, I sometimes say hi to you when i sell stuff at Northampton Town FC – would like to say you’re a very nice lad. How’s the injury going? We all can’t wait to see you play. What’s your favourite position and what made you join us at Northampton Town? Good luck with your injury, hope to see you back soon. From Darren

Thanks for the well wishes, Darren. If you read this week’s column, you can find out all about my injury update. My favourite position is Central Midfield. I love being fully involved, whether it be bombing forward to link up with the strikers or tracking back to help out in defence. If you look at my last Coke Column, you can see why I chose to join Northampton Town. I spoke to my family and agent, and the manager Stuart Gray, and I had a really good feeling about the club. Hopefully we can string a run of good results together and keep climbing the table.

Hi Giles. All for equality here in Northampton, how is the new lady physio treating you? From Linda

I think you mean Jules. I don’t really have much to do with her, as she looks after the youth team. Dennis and Stuart are the first team physios and they’ve been helping me get back from my injury over the last few months.

Hello Giles. I am 7 and I play in goal for Wellingborough Town U8’s. Should goalkeepers have special or different football boots than players on the pitch? Thank you for giving me your autograph everytime I ask you. Good luck, we can’t wait to see you play for the Cobblers. From Ryan

Thanks Ryan. I generally believe comfort is one of the most important things when choosing a pair of football boots. Most goalkeepers wear the same football boots as outfield players, but there is no point spending a lot of money on a pair of football boots if they are not comfortable.

Look forward to more of your questions. See you in two weeks!

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