The whistle goes, the game is underway. This is your time, nothing else matters. Sound familiar?


A great pass, a bit of skill, a crunching tackle, a sublime goal. Football is about great moments, the physical battle, the mental challenge, the friendships, the rivalries.

But the good times don’t come easy. You’ll need to train hard, work for your team and earn every small victory. It’s worth getting out of bed for. It’s worth rushing home from work for.

Whatever your level, there are 30,000 men’s eleven-a-side teams out there registering players now for the new season. They need players like you, so don’t miss out.

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Did You Know?

The number of players and teams in affiliated men’s 11-a-side football leagues is in decline. Figures have been steadily decreasing and the 2008-09 season has seen 400 fewer teams register than the previous season (now 30,800).

One of the major reasons for this is the huge drop-out from youth to adult football. Players aged 16-18 are moving from the ‘comfortable’ environment of their youth team to a more aggressive, stronger adult game: older players, different pitches, subs’ bench vs. guaranteed game.

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