We’re starting to think adidas are doing this on purpose. Another top-class player has been spotted training in an blacked-out pair of adidas football boots, and is this time it’s legendary Predator-wearer Steven Gerrard, it’s safe to presume that these are likely the new adidas Predator.

Gerrard Predator Kinetic

Training today at Melwood, the Liverpool skipper spent a lot of time working separately from the rest of the squad, meaning that some great photos got taken of him in his new adidas Predators.

We’ve heard plenty of rumours about the name, including the adidas Predator Kinetic, but so far adidas can neither confirm nor dent these rumours.

Either way, there’s a very distinctive 3 stripes on the outside of the boot, with a lighter coloured set on the instep. There’s nothing to indicate a flat ‘swerve zone’ like the Predator_X, so we can only presume that the 3 stripes on the instep are part of this version’s incarnation of the famous Predator technology.

Gerrard Predator Kinetic

An interesting point here is the Sole of Gerrard’s football boots – there’s definitely something towards the toe end of the boot. The odds are it’s a continuation of the PowerSpine that still splits professionals opinions on the Predator_X, but we can’t rule out a return to the PowerPulse element from the Predator Powerswerve!

Also, is it just us, or is that a really small footprint for a Predator? It looks incredibly narrow and light for a pair of ‘power’ football boots!

We can’t wait to see the new Predators, whether they’re called the Predator Kinetic or something else entirely – but all these black-out football boots are starting to feel like a hype-overload!

Gerrard Predator Kinetic

It’s all getting a bit too much for some of the Footy-Boots staffers, who are demanding to placed into a cryogenic sleep until the day the new Preds land!

We keep telling them that it’s not covered by the company health plan, and they’ll miss Christmas – but they’re having none of it…

These are easily the clearest shots we’ve seen of the new boots on a player yet – make sure you leave a comment and let us know what you think of them!

Big Thanks to community member and all around top-lad Jason W for emailing us this spot!

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  1. says: iPodkiller

    i hope that they got loose openings my feets are in pain, because the shoe openings are on 1 side not loose if i wear the Predator X.

  2. says: Idin

    They look like the adidas Predator RX and the three stripes are very similar to them. These boots are predators which have been recently released for Rugby players.

  3. says: Zach

    Will be looking for the outcome. I love my Predator X’s. Anyone know what the clear/reflective line is on his compression shorts? I am assuming it is tape of some sort.

  4. says: channo

    @footy-boots: indeed, these are easily the clearest shots we’ve seen of the new boots on a player’s feet!

    @everyone who are speculating from this pictures only: i’m too lazy too post the pics here. but if u’re not too lazy, try typing “predator kinetic” on google pics finder. there’s an eye opener for ye lads.

    from the blacked out kinetic that i’ve seen, it seems that the new preds would have an adizero-like soleplate. easy guess: adidas are trying to make them more lightweight.
    true, there’s a tube-like thingie on the front section of the soleplate that would suited powerpulse technology quite well. however, it could be designed to specially highlight powerspine technology -as well as something entirely new.
    the black color doesn’t help me to figure out its sweetspot technology though… but it seems that transparent rubber thingie like in predator x are still involved (in a much larger amount).

    all in all, momentarily what we could say is that the next predator would have this “futuristic” squared design, follow the trend of lightweight, as well as packing a little more firepower gimmick as all its predecessors have.

    other than that, we’ll just have to wait and see for the original release. usually the couple first of colorways would highlight the technologies really well.

  5. says: harry

    why would anyone buy a pair of brand new unreleased pair of football boots from e-bay. they are loopy. obviously they are not the real deal. i refuse to accept that.

  6. says: iPodkiller

    Sports direct every Football Club shirt(short) 25 pounds SALE!!!!!!!!!!
    Such as Barca, Arsenal and more.

    P.s. im only saying it.

  7. says: kuuku

    From reading on some forums and the adidas catalogue I have surmised they used to be called the Kinetic but are now called the adipower (to conform with adipure and adizero) predator and will be released on the 6th of January. It will use the adizero solepate since it is light and stable and has the heel counter integrated but with blades instead of diamond studs. There is a powerpulse like thing but from the description I only see mentions of powerspine.

    I might be wrong though but this is what I have gathered. I am about 90% certain.

  8. says: DRech

    I love the current generation of Predators (X), even though some appear to really dislike it. I think most can agree though that it’s a solidly constructed boot (no kangaroo leather, I know) and is incredibly comfortable. However, this newest version looks to be more lightweight and missing the stability and potentially comfort the Predator line is known for. This would be pretty discouraging if true, but a lot of the pictures currently available definitely seem to indicate this. Furthermore, the lack of a distinguishable heel counter is a bit troubling…

  9. says: harry

    it dont make sense they will be released in june. predator x has gone down in price for a little while now and with the adipures bein done released its the predators turn then the primes, fingers crossed adidas release the primes in jan – feb

  10. says: Nick

    When i saw the blacked out version of the boots i had wasn’t very exited but noww i saw the other colour waves and they look amazing i cannot wait to get them.

  11. says: perrygroves

    Leaked pix of upcoming boots on the internet are usually pretty accurate. From what I have seen most of the above speculation is true. Ive seen lots and lots of images of the new Adizero too. They certainly have some bright colourways planed, the Messi ones look amazing.

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