Steven Gerrard’s been causing a little bit of a stir for the past month or so with his Custom adidas Predator_X.

First impressions led many to believe it was a new colourway that the Liverpool skipper has been wearing of late – but the official word from adidas was that Gerrard’s been sporting a Miadidas pair of custom football boots.

And, thanks to our nifty little video above, you can see Kop hero Gerrard talking us through the choice of colours for each aspect of the football boots, and what it means to him.

Gerrard certainly puts a lot of thought into the design, and we’ve got to admit – we’ve never noticed the intricate Liverpool badge stitched into the heel section – pretty classy stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Whilst it’s a shame that Gerrard never goes into a little more technical detail on why he loves his football boots – The most we get is Stevie explaining that it’s important to have the right studs for the right pitch – there’s certainly some candid moments about factors of the design, like Gerrard’s insistence that having his name laser-etched into the heel counter is so the Kit-Man knows whose boots they are; Whatever Stevie!

Steven Gerrard scores a Penalty against Napoli in his Custom Predator_X

Gerrard stepped off the bench in his Miadidas football boots in the Europa League recently to bag a twelve minute hat-trick and see his beloved Liverpool overcome a determined Napoli side, so these may yet become his lucky boots!

The England Vice-captain has also been boot-spotted training in the new Black/White/Electricity Predator_X, so it will be very interesting see whether Gerrard will stick with his hat-trick scoring Miadidas football boots or switch into a brand new colourway for their big showdown with Chelsea this weekend.

If you’ve got a design in your head like Steven Gerrard, or just fancy a completely unique pair of football boots, then make sure you send us your designs.

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    i discovered a link to the miadidas US website instead of the UK one, and on there the miadidas preds only cost $270 (ÂŁ166) ands its the same layout and every thing but on the UK version the preds cost ÂŁ220, and im sure if i decided to order from the US site, that shipping wouldnt cost me ÂŁ80.

    also the adizero are only ÂŁ153 on the US site but ÂŁ230 on the UK site, here’s proof if you dont believe me, convert the dollars to pounds and see for yourself although it may get deleted (please dont Mr footy boots, the people deserve it )

    if it takes you to the UK version, then my bad, but it shouldnt 🙂

  2. says: dude

    Great performance by Steven Gerrard.I thought Liverpool was going to lose the match but he and his customized boots changed the story.I loved his third goal,beautiful definition.

  3. says: atha

    notice hoe he never says Liverpool and at 1:18 u can see that the personalisation is on the ankle and not engraved on the heel!

  4. says: kuuku

    BiyiAdetunji (a nigerian name yes?), you point out an interesting discrepancy.

    I wonder whether it’s just an oversight or an intentional attempt to fleece british consumers? And in this day and age of the increasingly savvy buyer why hasn’ t been addressed. Or are there other factors? Maybe popularity differences in the sport itself? Very confusing and I hope footy-boots can look into this on our behalf.

  5. says: BiyiAdetunji

    @kuuku correct 😉 although not long after i posted the comment i found the flaw, they dont ship outside of the U.S but luckily for me my godmother lives there so i could pay for it, put her adress for the delivery, then kindly ask her to ship it over to the UK for her loving grandson 🙂

  6. says: Lee

    I don’t know much about economics but I guess the difference in price is due to Nike’s discriminatory pricing. I don’t know what the situation in the UK is like but I’m guessing Nike boots have a greater following compared to in the US where they probably face greater competition from other manufacturers like Adidas (all speculation on my part). If that were the case, Nike would be able to charge a higher price for their boots in the UK and still make a lot of money out of it, while if they charged such high prices in the US, their customers would turn to other brands.

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