German Football Boot Row

German Football BootsGermany’s warm up game against Sweden on Wednesday 16th August 2006 could be off, due to a row over football boots.

Adidas, the German football boot company that sponsors the national team, have insisted that the entire squad wear Adidas football boots for the game. With all international players at this level, having personal sponsorship deals with their own choice boot manufacturer, this agreement with Adidas has caused major rifts in the German camp.

“The whole team have spoken out for a free choice of boots,” said the German general manager, Oliver Bierhoff.

It has been reported that several leading players have held talks with the German footballing authorities, Jens Lehmann, Bernd Schneider and Torsten Frings and Golden Boot winner Miroslav Klose. Word is that the German players have threatened to boycott the match unless the players can select their own football boots.

If Adidas succeed in forcing the players to wear football boots that they have not personally selected, I think it will have two effects;

1. I will be surprised if the performance is a good one, knowing what it is like to have to get used to new football boots. It may also be in the back of the players minds, that they are being forced against their will, so a poor performance can easily be blamed on the football boots.

2. Having forced the issue with the German national team, football boot manufacturers may well decide to try and enforce this policy with other national teams and perhaps lead to entire football boot brand sponsorship deals with clubs.

Just my views, tell me your view by clicking the comment link below.

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  1. Pingback: Anonymous
  2. says: Guido

    The deal between Adidas and the German footbal Association exists since several years. It includes that all players have to wear Adidas football boots. All players have to sign a paper in which they accept this before their first game.

    In Germany it is although common that the clubs are fully equiped by the manufacturs (including football boots) e.g. all players from Bayern Munich have to play in Adidas. There were just a few exceptions in the past. Now where the bigger manufacturers are focusing on the bigger clubs and the smaller clubs are equipped by smaller manufacturers, more and more clubs allow their players to choose their own boots.

  3. says: Peter

    Oh… my…days. What happened to just playing football. Correct me if am wrong, but my dad tells me of a time when all footballers wore black boots and no-one gave a damn… now they’re arguing over who wears what and where. Thats sad. these huge companies are already making enuff moolah, yet they still have to stick their noses into errthing.

  4. says: vlad

    Does anyone know what Klose really wears when he plays for Werder Bremen? Why force the Germans to wear Adidas? Its not like all the English wear Umbro, or the Danes wear Hummel, the Italians Lotto or the French Patrick. Is it just about the money?

  5. says: IM2307

    I think that some clubs already have deals where their players have to wear the football boot that is made by the company that sponsors that club. This doesn’t apply to the professionals however, because all of the players at the Manchester United Academy have to wear black Nike football boots. Or else the football boots have to be completely black without clearly advertising another brand. I think that the younger age groups have even stricter restrictions. They have to wear black Nike Air Legend football boots.

  6. says: OzzY

    The thing is, 80% of Adidas boots are crap!
    Its only the adipure and they are COMPLETELY ruining it with the adiPure II…

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